Why There Are No Fat Vampires


Ever surprise why you by no means see fats vampires on the films?

Other than the entire teenage vampire love tales and the unique Hollywood vampires with European accents, I’ve but to see any over-weight vampires. (OK, perhaps that actually huge one within the first Blade film with Wesley Snipes.) Even the true loopy, ugly ones are sometimes gaunt, stringy or ripped with sinewy muscle. Even the gorgeous fiction character, Vampirella is extremely robust. (However, she is from one other planet, so she comes out within the daylight.)

When you consider the vampire’s metabolism and life-style, it makes excellent sense. They often get up famished and absolutely motivated to skulk across the shadows and pounce on unsuspecting victims. Generally they may use the hypnotic eyes trick to subdue some weak-willed people earlier than sinking their fangs into them.

In any other case, there’s a entire lot of creeping round, chasing after people, climbing up buildings, breaking into locations and dodging offended vampire-killers. And human-hunting goes on in any climate. Rain, snow, sleet, fog (fog is actually good), thunder showers and scorching, humid nights. They do not take any breaks, sitting by the fireside, watching tv or hanging out on the bar (although that could be a good place to search out people). And vampires can not simply pop into the comfort retailer for some junk meals. They need to get their blood ration, go hungry or keep in hibernation.

And so they get their sleep. Hours and hours of uninterrupted sleep. No surprise they’re good-to-go once they get up. Not one of the vampire tales that I’ve learn, watched or heard about talked about 24 hour vampires. Being hyper-sensitive to daylight, they needed to strictly work the night time shift and sleep all day. So, even after the longest night time of stalking and chasing prey and generally combating and eluding some revenge-seeking people, the vampire nonetheless obtained loads of nap time. Usually greater than 12 hours at a time. Train, eat, sleep. Three components of a protracted life had been there within the vampire life-style.

And also you by no means heard of one among them consuming junk meals, candies, pastries or high-sugar breakfast cereals, smoking cigarettes or consuming pop or alcohol did you? (Nicely, the vampire performed by Colin Farrell within the 2011 remake of Fright Night time did have a beer.) Nope, it was a strict food plan of iron-rich blood, numerous train scrambling round in the dead of night and deep sleep. It’s most likely why the undead beings by no means needed to go to the dentist or physician until the vampires had been going for a snack.

Now I’m not advocating that type of life-style, particularly the late nights and blood consuming. Until you could have a photophobia or situation like XP (xeroderma pigmentosum), you’re going to miss out on the advantages of daylight. Blood consuming is harmful because the blood can carry pathogens, is troublesome to digest and accommodates an excessive amount of iron (inflicting haemochromatosis) which might injury the inner organs. And all of that skulking round in the dead of night and attacking folks will make you unpopular and perhaps land you in jail.


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