Why Coconut Water is Not the Elixir of Life?


Ah, coconut water – the drink hailed as a result of the “elixir of life” by Keralites. I suggest, who wouldn’t want to drink one factor that tastes identical to the ocean and has the magical powers to therapy all of the items from a hangover to a broken coronary coronary heart? Nevertheless, let’s be reliable, it’s time to position this so-called “miracle drink” as a alternative.

Coconut water, broadly consumed in Kerala, has gained popularity as a “miracle drink” with fairly just a few nicely being benefits. There are numerous nicely being claims surrounding it, from rehydration to weight discount. This essay will uncover why coconut water simply is not the healthful drink it is usually touted to be.

To begin with, this drink is often marketed as a ‘pure sports activities actions drink’ that rehydrates the physique greater than sports activities actions drinks can. Whereas it is true that coconut water is an efficient provide of electrolytes, it is not a superior totally different to sports activities drinks. Sports activities actions drinks are designed to replenish the physique’s fluids, electrolytes, and glucose ranges shortly, which is essential for athletes. Nevertheless, coconut water incorporates solely a fraction of the carbohydrates current in sports activities actions drinks, making it an inadequate chance for athletes.

One different nicely being declare is that it’ll probably support in weight discount. Nonetheless, whereas it is low in vitality, it is also low in essential nutritional vitamins like protein and fibre, which are important for weight discount. Furthermore, coconut water is often consumed in large parts, shortly together with to a high-calorie consumption.

Let’s focus on regarding the fashion. Coconut water is, properly, an acquired fashion. It’s not like ingesting a glass of pure, sweet ambrosia. The reality is, it’s further like ingesting the remnants of a long-forgotten swamp. Nevertheless hey, must you’re into that kind of issue, further vitality to you.

Subsequent, let’s focus on regarding the claims. It is said to be the cure-all for all of the items from the widespread chilly to the Bubonic Plague. I suggest, critically? One in all these claims that I uncover preposterous is of it being a pure hangover therapy. Although coconut water incorporates electrolytes and antioxidants, it is not confirmed to therapy a hangover. The reality is, consuming it after heavy ingesting may end up in further dehydration. If it had been that magical, we’d all dwell perpetually, and the world may very well be loads higher.

And let’s not overlook concerning the related charge. It is not exactly low value, and for what? A drink that’s primarily merely water with a barely completely totally different fashion and some added electrolytes?

In conclusion, whereas coconut water is a refreshing drink which may be provide of electrolytes, it is not the elixir of life it is usually touted to be. So, subsequent time thought-about one among us Keralites try to steer you to drink it, take note, it’s merely water from a coconut, nothing further, nothing a lot much less. And if all else fails, seize a glass of plain previous H2O; it’s cheaper and likely tastes greater. Cheers!


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