Where Was Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar Filmed? All Filming Locations Explained

Where Was Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar Filmed? All Filming Locations Explained


  • The vast majority of the Earthbound scenes in Interstellar have been shot in Alberta, Canada, regardless of the movie showing to happen in Colorado, USA.
  • Christopher Nolan had his group plant 500 acres of corn in Canada to create sensible results for the film, which have been later destroyed in a mud storm scene.
  • The ice planet and water planet scenes have been filmed in Iceland, particularly in Svínafellsjökull and Orrustuhóll, to seize the sensation of being on two undiscovered planets.

Interstellar takes place in a dystopian model of Earth in 2067, the place the planet is dying, and astronauts set out on a mission to discover a new house for humanity within the universe, resulting in some distinctive and exquisite filming areas. Christopher Nolan directed the epic science fiction movie, which shot from August to December 2013 in a number of spots all over the world earlier than premiering nearly a 12 months in a while November 5, 2014. The director tends to make the most of extra sensible results in his films quite than particular results, so the manufacturing crew needed to decide the movie’s taking pictures areas very fastidiously to make sure that Nolan’s imaginative and prescient was achieved.

The forged of Interstellar contains Matthew McConaughey as Joseph Cooper, Anne Hathaway as Dr. Amelia Model, Jessica Chastain as Murphy “Murph” Cooper, Michael Caine as Professor John Model, Matt Damon as Mann, Casey Affleck as Tom Cooper, David Gyasi as Romilly, and Wes Bentley as Doyle. McConaughey’s character leads the Endurance mission as he, Romilly, Doyle, and Amelia journey by way of a wormhole close to Saturn to discover a liveable planet for people. They face many hardships alongside the way in which, whereas Murph holds down the fort on Earth.

The Earth Scenes Had been Filmed In Alberta, Canada

Earlier than the expedition crew might search all through the universe for a brand new house for people in Interstellar, the film needed to arrange the battle on their authentic house planet — Earth. Based on The Worldwide Information To Film Areas, nearly all of the Earthbound scenes have been shot in Alberta, Canada, although the movie appeared to happen in Colorado in the US of America. Nevertheless, provided that Interstellar takes place in a dystopian future the place blight and famine threaten to kill off all of humanity, it’s unclear how these components modified the geographical panorama of the world.

The forged and crew seemingly shot the film’s scenes with the intention to start with as a result of they first traveled to Canada to seize the Earth sequences, which is how the movie begins. They spent a bit of over a month in Alberta earlier than shifting on to different areas, the place they filmed the area sequences, inside photographs, and extra Earth scenes. However whereas in Canada, Nolan obtained inventive and ordered his group to plant 500 acres of corn since Matthew McConaughey’s character was a farmer, in any case. The corn was then destroyed within the film throughout the mud storm scene, which was created utilizing sensible results. Associated: Interstellar’s Time Dilation Defined: Why Time Strikes Slower On Miller’s Planet

The Cooper’s Dwelling & College Scenes Had been Filmed In Longview, Alberta, Canada

Cooper drinking a beer in Interstellar

Whereas the generic exterior Earth scenes in Interstellar have been captured all through Alberta, Canada, the manufacturing group scouted out quite a few areas in Longview, a small village within the southern area of the province. The city’s inhabitants is round 300, making it the right spot for Joseph Cooper’s desolate house within the Christopher Nolan movie. Longview provides off a rural and farm-town vibe, as effectively, so as soon as the manufacturing group added corn to the image, it was simple to promote the situation as a struggling metropolis in a dystopian future the place the world is actively dying day-after-day.

The forged and crew utilized many areas in Longview to seize Nolan’s imaginative and prescient for the 2014 epic science fiction movie. They shot scenes at a ranch home within the city that doubled because the Cooper’s house. Moreover, Longview College was used for the one sequence the place Joseph attended a parent-teacher convention at his child’s college, and the soccer recreation that was damaged up by one of many many mud storms within the film was shot at Seaman Stadium, which is a bit of north of Longview in Okotoks.

The Ice Planet & Water Planet Scenes Had been Filmed In Iceland

Matthew McConaughey on the poster for Interstellar

Since Christopher Nolan prefers to make use of sensible results in his movies, he had his manufacturing group scout out areas in Iceland that might double as two of the planets in Interstellar. This film was not the primary time Nolan has shot in Iceland — the director additionally utilized the nation’s lovely landscapes for his 2005 superhero challenge, Batman Begins. However for the science fiction movie, the forged and crew traveled to a number of areas in southern Iceland to seize the sensation that they have been on two beforehand undiscovered planets.

The 2 fundamental spots that the Interstellar manufacturing group used throughout principal pictures have been Svínafellsjökull, which is an outlet glacier of Vatnajökull east of Skaftafell, and Orrustuhóll within the Eldhraun lava area. Svínafellsjökull doubled because the ice planet, aka Mann’s planet, within the 2014 film. Mann, performed by Matt Damon, initially claimed that the floor was liveable for people however was mendacity in an try to be rescued. In the meantime, earlier than Joseph Cooper and Dr. Amelia Model tried Mann’s planet, they ventured to the water planet, aka Miller’s planet.

Orrustuhóll was the situation of the water planet, which was additionally deemed unlivable for people. Orrustuhóll is roofed in lava fields, however it is usually surrounded by water, making it the right spot to shoot the treacherous scenes the place Matthew McConaughey and Anne Hathaway’s characters misplaced 23 years as a result of a time dilation. Sadly, whereas filming these sequences for Interstellar, Hathaway nearly obtained hypothermia as a result of a malfunction together with her costume.

NASA & Further Scenes Had been Filmed In Los Angeles

Jeff Hephner talking to Matthew McConaughey in Interstellar.

The Interstellar forged and crew additionally traveled to Los Angeles, California, to movie loads of scenes they might not seize outdoors the nation. They shot the NASA facility sequence on the Westin Bonaventure Resort in downtown LA. Based on The Worldwide Information to Film Areas, it took the crew three weeks to construct the set they wanted for the scene within the resort however solely three days to movie it. Plus, not each Interstellar scene could possibly be captured on location. So, the manufacturing additionally utilized a soundstage in Culver Metropolis, California, to get some photographs that might not be filmed utilizing sensible results in Canada and Iceland.

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The Exterior Secret Base Scenes Had been Filmed In Colorado

TARS in the space ship in Interstellar

The final filming location utilized in Interstellar was the Cheyenne Mountain Complicated in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Solely exterior photographs of the ability have been captured for the 2014 epic science fiction movie for the reason that forged and crew assumingly weren’t capable of movie scenes inside it. The manufacturing group probably constructed a set for these scenes on the soundstage in Culver Metropolis, however they have been capable of get photographs of the skin of the Cheyenne Mountain Complicated for Interstellar.

Supply: The Worldwide Information to Film Areas


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