Where To Find Clock Tower Gear In Remnant 2

Where To Find Clock Tower Gear In Remnant 2

Discovering the Clock Tower Gear in Remnant 2 could be difficult if gamers have no idea the place to look or easy methods to remedy the puzzle that blocks its acquisition. The brand new soulslike sport is a sequel to Remnant: From The Ashes and is about in a post-apocalyptic world through which humanity survives its long-lasting struggle towards invading creatures. Remnant 2 is likely one of the July 2023 online game releases and is offered for PlayStation 5, Xbox Collection X/S, and PC.

Within the new world explored by the participant in Remnant 2, gamers should overcome a number of difficult opponents. Nevertheless, along with these threats, that are core to the sport’s soulslike expertise, they will even have to resolve a couple of puzzles – and considered one of them contains discovering the Clock Tower Gear merchandise in Remnant 2, which is then used to restore the Clock Tower itself and acquire a necessary merchandise referred to as Damaged Timepiece. This merchandise can then be used to get a brand new time-stopping ability.

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Clock Tower Gear Location In Remnant 2

To get the Clock Tower Gear in Remnant 2, gamers should go to the Lamark District. Inside the area, they are going to then need to discover and find the Clockmaker’s home. As soon as gamers have discovered and entered the world, they should seek for the clock hanging from a wall within the room. The specified Clock Tower Gear is positioned inside it, however a puzzle should be solved earlier than the merchandise could be claimed and brought to the Clock Tower.

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Clock Puzzle Answer – How To Get Clock Tower Gear In Remnant 2

The Summoner Archetype from Remnant 2 against a bright red backdrop

The key to fixing this particular puzzle is to set the Clockmaker’s clock to a particular time. The answer is introduced by the Clock Tower’s massive clock, which could be consulted outdoors. The time doesn’t change from participant to participant, and the precise time used to get the Clock Tower Gear in Remnant 2 is 11:17.

For an in depth answer, the small hand represents the hours, and the massive hand represents the minutes of an hour. As such, the small hand needs to be set to the highest left massive circle, whereas the massive hand needs to be close to the second small circle under the bigger middle-right circle.

The clockmaker's clock in Remnant 2 marks the time: eleven hours and seventeen minutes.

After concluding the puzzle, gamers will drop the Clock Tower Gear, also referred to as Clockwork Pinion. With it, they need to return to the highest of the Clock Tower and use the not too long ago acquired gear among the many bigger gear construction. Close by, they need to work together with a wheel, which can get the Clock Tower’s construction operating once more. As a reward, a fabric referred to as Damaged Timepiece will current itself, permitting gamers to get the Time Lapse Weapon mod from Ava McCabe.

The Damaged Timepiece will drop close to the clock and glow with a purple aura in Remnant 2.

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