What Happens at the End?

What Happens at the End?

Followers who noticed Netflix‘s Leo have many questions on what occurs on the finish. Right here is the ending defined, full with spoilers.

Why did Ms. Malkin abandon Leo on the Everglades Nationwide Park?

Ms. Malkin deserted Leo on the Everglades Nationwide Park, as she didn’t need the scholars to learn the way Leo suggested them and adjusted their lives finally.

For a lot of the movie’s runtime, the scholars hated Ms. Malkin. Malkin was introduced in instead instructor for Ms. Salinas, who had gone on a being pregnant go away. Malkin had grow to be bitter after she failed to attain the recognition loved by her colleagues. She then lashed out at Leo as soon as she discovered he was speaking to college students behind her again.

Principal Spahn finally introduced that the category that carried out properly would get to go to Magic Land Park as a reward. After Leo’s counseling periods with college students helped them carry out properly. Spahn took discover and credited Malkin, which made her pleased to get what she desired for thus lengthy.

Nevertheless, Malkin concluded that the scholars would study the reality and that her highlight might finally be eliminated. Thus, she left Leo at Everglades Nationwide Park to eliminate him.

How did Leo discover his age?

Leo discovered his age with the assistance of Cinabun.

After Leo rang the evacuation alarm to get the scholars to depart, he escaped. He then met Cinabun and requested about his age. Cinabun then used fundamental math to calculate Leo’s age and concluded that he was 74 years outdated.

Leo concluded {that a} lizard lived a mean of 75 years and thus realized he solely had one yr left and had not skilled life. Leo then began planning his escape.

Why was Squirtle jealous of Leo?

Squirtle was jealous of Leo due to the latter’s recognition.

All through the movie, Squirtle remained jealous of Leo’s recognition and profitable counseling. Squirtle then hatched a plan to reveal what he believed had been Leo’s lies. He succeeded as soon as the scholars discovered the lies and boycotted Leo.

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