Vote For Politicians Who Prioritize HOPE Over Fears!

What ‘House of the Dragon’ Was Like for Someone Who Never Saw ‘Game of Thrones’

If, I’ve discovered something, from my, over 4 many years, of, engaged on a number of, political campaigns, it in all probability is, as a result of many citizens, appear to typically, vote, based mostly on their prejudice, and fears, they appear, unwilling to do the best – factor, and, subsequently, refuse to proceed, with HOPE, as a substitute! Sadly, this concern – oriented, considering, is, what I name, stinkin’ thinkin, as a result of, the general, philosophy, and thoughts – set, is, at – odds, with, the important, Constitutional ensures, and protections of freedoms, rights, and the core – idea, with liberty and justice, for all! We’re presently witnessing, one of many main political events, apparently, focusing their consideration, and efforts, on, merely, holding workplace, moderately than serving and representing one of the best pursuits, of most Individuals! With, that in thoughts, this text will try and, briefly, think about, study, evaluation, and talk about, utilizing the mnemonic method, what this implies and represents, and why it issues.

1. Therapeutic; head/ coronary heart; humane; sincere/ honorable: No matter one’s political affiliations, preferences, and beliefs, should not we demand, our representatives, proceed, in probably the most – humane, method? This requires discovering folks, who will use, and align, each, their emotional, in addition to logical parts, in a head/ heart balance! They have to emphasize, therapeutic, the injuries, created, by the political rhetoric, and sometimes, hatred, and proceed, prioritizing, being, probably the most honorable, doable! It will solely happen, when, we start electing folks, who’re, actually, and constantly, sincere!

2. Choices; alternatives; open – minded: How can we survive, in a significant approach, in a related, and sustainable method, except/ till, leaders start, refusing to simply accept, merely, the identical – previous, identical – previous, and refuse to, suppose – outdoors – the – field, striving to attain, a real, assembly – of – the – minds, for the higher good (as a substitute of partisan politics)? Solely, when these folks, are open – minded, and think about varied choices and alternate options, searching for the best alternatives, will this occur! As an instance, no, to hate. prejudice, prejudgment, procrastination, and following our fears!

3. Priorities; perceptions; planning: Pay shut consideration, to what seems to be, any candidate’s private priorities, and perceptions! Query, whether or not, somebody, is succesful, of high quality, sustainable, strategic planning, and creating, a effectively – thought of, motion plan, to implement plans, based mostly on hopes, as a substitute of fears!

4. Empathy; emphasis; enrich; excellence; endurance; efforts: Public officers should proceed with real empathy, and place their emphasis, accordingly, in a quest to counterpoint all our residents, and the nation! They have to search the utmost diploma of excellence, as a substitute of accepting, good – sufficient! They want the endurance, to persist, of their efforts, regardless of the obstacles, thrust of their paths!

5. System; options; sustainable; service: Blaming and complaining, and articulating a message, based mostly on accusations, and many others, hardly ever, create the specified outcomes! We should search, and elect people, who articulate a significant system, based mostly on viable options, and sustainable path! In any other case, these folks, won’t present, the extent of service, we want, and deserve!

Get up, America, and notice, our lifestyle, is underneath – assault, and we should make wanted adjustments, sooner, moderately than later! Solely, once we base our voting, on our HOPES, as a substitute of our fears, will we start to make this nation, what we hope, will proceed, standing – for, democratic rights, freedoms, and many others!


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