Variety of Food Sources Containing High Vitamin K


Vitamin Okay is a vital vitamin that performs a process in blood clotting and bone improvement. These compounds may even help cease bone illnesses, equivalent to osteoporosis and protect you from coronary coronary heart sickness.

Lack of consumption of vitamin Okay throughout the physique might trigger plenty of circumstances, equivalent to wounds that are troublesome to heal, bleed merely, and bruises. The every day requirement for vitamin Okay actually helpful by the Ministry of Nicely being is:

Males: 35-65 micrograms
Girls: 35-55 micrograms

Vitamin Okay is fat soluble, and is cut up into two based mostly totally on the availability, notably vitamin K1 and vitamin K2. Vitamin K2 or menaquinone is normally sourced from animal meals, whereas vitamin K1 or phylloquinone will probably be obtained naturally from vegetation, notably inexperienced leafy greens.

Meals Sources of Vitamin Okay
Yow will uncover plenty of kinds of meals that comprise vitamin Okay merely day-after-day. Listed under are the types of meals that comprise vitamin Okay.

Animal Side Dishes

Vitamin K2 or menaquinone will probably be found primarily in animal merchandise. Fatty meat, liver and completely different organs are wonderful sources of vitamin K2 for the physique. Listed under are some animal meals (per 100 grams) that current micrograms (mcg) sources of vitamin K2.

Beef liver: 3.9 mcg
Hen fillets: 2.1 mcg
Duck breast: 5.1 mcg
Ground beef: 1.7 mcg
Hen liver: 1.7 mcg
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Dairy Merchandise and Their Derivatives

A study reveals that dairy merchandise are rich in menaquinone or vitamin K2. Yow will uncover plenty of dairy and egg merchandise that comprise vitamin Okay, equivalent to:

cheddar cheese: 2.4 mcg)
Milk: 0.3 mcg
Edam cheese: 2.3 mcg
Cream: 3 mcg

Inexperienced Greens

Meals with the simplest sources of vitamin K1 or phylloquinone are darkish inexperienced leafy greens. Greens equivalent to kale, cabbage, broccoli, spinach, parsley or soup leaves, mustard greens, and mini cabbage, are good sources of vitamin Okay in your consumption.

Compared, the content material materials of vitamin Okay in raw greens (per 100 grams) is as follows:

Broccoli: 102 mcg
Spinach: 380 mcg
Inexperienced lettuce: 126 mcg
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meals sources of vitamin Okay


Usually, fruits do not comprise as so much vitamin Okay as inexperienced leafy greens. Nonetheless, just a few of the fruits beneath you presumably can eat to fulfill the needs of vitamin Okay in your physique.

Prunes: 6.4 mcg
Kiwis: 40.3 mcg
Avocado: 21 mcg
Berries: 7.3 mcg
Pomegranate: 16.4 mcg
Figs: 4.7 mcg
Tomatoes: 7.9 mcg
Grapes: 14.6 mcg
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Nuts are a meals supply that provides ample vitamin K1, nonetheless not as so much vitamin Okay as inexperienced greens. Some kinds of nuts you possibly can try embody:

Inexperienced peas: 10.2 mcg
Soybeans: 50.4 mcg
Cashews: 3.8 mcg
Kidney beans: 15.5 mcg
Hazelnuts: 14.2 mcg
Pine nuts: 53.9 mcg
Walnuts: 3.8 mcg

Inexperienced greens

Considered one of many inexperienced greens that comprise quite a lot of vitamin Okay is spinach. In 1 cup of spinach, there are about 145 micrograms of vitamin Okay. Other than spinach, completely different inexperienced greens that comprise vitamin Okay are kale, broccoli, cabbage, cabbage, beans, and turnip greens.

When you occur to don’t truly like pomegranates, you presumably can eat completely different fruits that moreover comprise vitamin Okay, notably plums, kiwis, blueberries, avocados, tomatoes, and grapes.
Other than vitamin Okay which must be met from numerous meals, it’s good to moreover pay attention to completely different dietary needs equivalent to vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin A, vitamin B, calcium, iron, and completely different minerals.


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