The Graphic Artist must Familiarize Himself Well with a Particular Technique.


There are a number of strategies or kinds of creating an illustration. Every of those strategies has its distinctive course of and media specifically used for creating the illustration. The graphic artist should subsequently familiarize himself effectively with a selected approach earlier than adopting and utilizing it for the manufacturing of a graphic design product. Examples of a few of the strategies in illustration are:

  1. Pen and wash- This illustration approach includes the drawing of the outlines of the illustration in pencil. Ink is used to go over the drawn outlines in pencil. When it’s dried, a small amount of the ink is diluted with water in a lighter tone. Brush is used to use the paint on the darker areas of the drawing. The painted areas are washed to create varied tones to deliver out the types of the illustration. The outlines are made stronger by way of pen traces. It’s used for catalogues, village and market scenes, style design magazines, ebook covers and so forth.
  2. Pen and ink- That is the usage of pen and ink to attract the outlines of the drawing and utilizing any of the shading strategies to deliver out the kinds within the drawing. It’s used for illustrations in books, newspapers and magazines.
  3. Flat color painting- On this approach, the colors are painted flat with no gradation in tone. The perimeters of the sections of the painted drawings are sharp and distinct, setting the distinction within the varied elements of the drawing. It’s used for illustrations in story books, highway indicators, greeting playing cards and so forth.
  4. Life like painting- That is the drawing of objects to point out nice particulars as they really seem in nature. It’s used for commercial, style journal and illustrations in books.
  5. Silhouette- That is the creating of the outlines of a drawing in pencil and filling the interior half uniformly with black paint or ink. Silhouette drawings don’t present particulars simply the outlines that outline the objects are proven. They’re used for highway indicators, bundle symbols, illustrations in style magazines and so forth.
  6. Cartooning- That is the creation of humorous or satirical figures with exaggerated kinds. This illustration approach is used for illustrating youngsters books, newspapers, magazines and so forth.
  7. Images- That is the taking of pictures of actual objects and scenes by way of a digicam. It offers the precise likeness of the objects and scenes. Photographs are used for posters, magazines, newspapers and so forth.


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