The 4 Most Exciting Theories About Rey’s New Jedi Order Movie

The 4 Most Exciting Theories About Rey’s New Jedi Order Movie


  • Rey might have the flexibility to resurrect Ben Solo utilizing their Pressure Dyad connection, probably bringing him again as a Pressure Ghost.
  • Rey’s new Jedi Order may need ties to the origins of the Jedi, together with her possessing sacred Jedi texts and a possible connection to a “Daybreak of the Jedi” challenge.
  • The New Jedi Order might face a menace from the canon Yuuzhan Vong, a mysterious and biotechnologically superior race that would pose a novel problem for Rey and the Jedi.

Listed here are essentially the most thrilling theories about Rey’s new Jedi Order film, one of the vital thrilling Star Wars initiatives within the works. The final Star Wars film, Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, launched in 2019 and since then Lucasfilm has appeared devoted to ongoing Disney+ TV exhibits. That appears to have modified lately, although, with Lucasfilm asserting three upcoming Star Wars films – one that includes the return of Daisy Ridley’s Rey.

The final time Rey was seen on the large display, she took on the Skywalker identify in honor of her heroes and mentors and debuted her personal yellow lightsaber. After finishing her journey as a Jedi, proving herself by dealing with Palpatine himself, it appeared a logical step for Rey to discovered a brand new Jedi Order. All proof suggests it will show to be a problem for Rey, nevertheless, and listed here are essentially the most thrilling theories concerning the film.

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4 Kylo Ren Will Return Through The Pressure Dyad

Kylo Ren’s redemption arc was lastly accomplished on the finish of Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker, after a tumultuous journey out and in of the darkish facet. Sadly, his heroic ending was very short-lived, and he finally sacrificed his personal life to avoid wasting Rey’s by way of the Pressure. This means has sparked many theories that he and Rey have been really a Pressure Dyad, a particular and unusual bond that unites two Pressure-users by way of each its mild and darkish sides. Rey and Kylo Ren completely embodied that relationship, and the comics and different companion items have additional confirmed the character of that bond.

By way of the facility of their Pressure Dyad, Kylo Ren was capable of pull Rey again from demise. Since Rey’s film takes place 15 years after the occasions of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, it’s potential that Rey might have used that point to grasp her abilities to the extent that she might obtain Ben Solo’s resurrection despite the fact that a lot time had handed; in accordance with Sith lore, the Pressure Dyad is the important thing to life and demise itself. Even when he isn’t bodily restored, the character of a Pressure Dyad can be the right introduction for Ben Solo to return as a Pressure Ghost.

3 Rey’s New Jedi Order Ties To The Very First Jedi

Cover art from Star Wars: Dawn of the Jedi 0 Issue with the Force Gods of Mortis mural from Star Wars Rebels

Star Wars is increasing into completely different time durations, together with a mysterious “Daybreak of the Jedi” challenge that can unveil the primary Pressure customers and reveal what got here earlier than the Jedi Order. The secrets and techniques of those distant days had been misplaced by the point of Rey, nevertheless it’s potential she has recovered them – given Rey possesses sacred Jedi texts that had been misplaced generations in the past. Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy has herself implied a connection between the Jedi origin and Rey’s film, or not less than some type of narrative throughline. She defined the daybreak of the Jedi film is well timed as a result of “it is going to be on the coronary heart of making the brand new Jedi Order, so to get an actual sense of the place that may have started with the daybreak of the Jedi could possibly be fairly cool.

The Jedi had fallen a great distance by the point of the prequel period, and their flaws have change into clear. It is smart that Rey would want to look past the prequels for inspiration as she reforms the Jedi, which means there could possibly be profound hyperlinks between these two films. Most viewers are assuming the varied Star Wars films are comparatively disconnected, however there could possibly be a lot stronger ties than anybody has anticipated.

2 The New Jedi Order Will Face The Canon Yuuzhan Vong

Vergere confronting Yuuzhan Vong in Star Wars

Ahsoka has established the existence of different galaxies, with its hero touring the pathway to Peridea. Based on Jedi legends, Peridea is not the one galaxy as soon as linked to the principle one – and this raises the likelihood Star Wars will draw inspiration from the Legends model of the “New Jedi Order.” On this sequence of novels, a race of extragalactic invaders known as the Yuuzhan Vong launched an invasion on the galaxy, coming near wiping the Jedi out – and even taking the galactic capital of Coruscant.

The Yuuzhan Vong have been notable for 2 issues. The primary is that they’re mysterious voids within the Pressure, a incontrovertible fact that left the Jedi reeling and their powers largely ineffective in opposition to the aliens. Such a twist can be fascinating, leaving Rey dealing with a menace so very completely different to the Sith. Much more importantly, although, the Yuuzhan Vong have been famous for utilizing biotechnology – benefiting from alien lifeforms, enslaving them and shaping them in their very own picture. In canon, the galaxies are linked by the area whales often called purrgil, and it is easy to think about the Yuuzhan Vong utilizing purrgil to journey by way of the intergalactic void.

1 Rey Faces A Jedi Schism

Star Wars Jedi Civil War

There’s some hypothesis Rey will face a civil struggle among the many Jedi. Chatting with Empire Journal, Kennedy revealed the “Jedi are in chaos” after the autumn of the First Order. The plain interpretation of that is that there will probably be completely different forces among the many Jedi, pulling in numerous instructions. 5,000 years earlier than the principle Star Wars saga, a Jedi civil struggle led to the creation of the Sith. A brand new bout of infighting among the many Jedi might lead to a equally catastrophic final result. With the newly-discovered Sith redoubt Exegol nonetheless comparatively recent in Rey’s previous, there are such a lot of darkish secrets and techniques that could possibly be uncovered.

Treasured little is thought about Rey’s new Jedi Order film. These theories all match with the few clues Lucasfilm has offered thus far, and that makes them significantly thrilling. It stays to be seen whether or not any of those will show to be true, or whether or not different concepts will probably be developed as a substitute; it is fairly potential Lucasfilm’s plans will change, which means the clues given thus far might show to be purple herrings. However whether or not these theorie are appropriate or not, the longer term appears vibrant for Star Wars – and Daisy Ridley’s Rey is clearly on the coronary heart of it.


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