Star Wars Confirms The Empire’s Reliance On Republic Technology


Among the finest elements concerning the Star Wars period between Revenge of the Sith and New Hope is the affirmation that the Empire relied on Republic tech.

Warning! This submit incorporates SPOILERS for Star Wars: The Dangerous Batch episodes 1 & 2

Star Wars continues to verify the Empire’s reliance on the Republic it changed, notably its navy know-how and infrastructure. The animated collection The Dangerous Batch has been targeted on the Empire’s beginning to change clones with enlisted stormtroopers on the daybreak of its reign. Nonetheless, it appears as if the transition to the traditional Imperial autos and weapons was a a lot slower course of.

In The Dangerous Batch season 1, the rogue Clone Power 99 grew to become fugitives of the Empire, occurring the run whereas doing mercenary work for the Trandoshan named Sid primarily based on Ord Mantell. In consequence, they finally discovered themselves going through down a set of AT-TE walkers on the previous Separatist world of Raxus Secundus, confirmed to be a precursor to the Imperial AT-AT most notably seen in The Empire Strikes Again. Now, The Dangerous Batch season 2’s premiere episodes have additional confirmed that one other Republic-era automobile paved the best way for some of the well-known Imperial ships within the authentic trilogy of movies.

A Lot Of Imperial Ships & Weapons Got here From Republic Tech

Throughout Clone Power 99’s mission to raid a battle chest held in Depend Dooku’s fortress on his homeworld of Serenno, the rogue clones used a squadron of V-Wings as cowl to sneak aboard an Imperial cargo ship stuffed with loot. They’d later trade fireplace with the identical starfighters in an airborne dogfight with their shuttle, The Marauder. Most notably seen in Revenge of the Sith previous to this animated collection, the Empire’s widespread use of the fighter in such numbers helps affirm that it was an early equal to the traditional TIE Fighter.

This tracks with fairly a number of different ships and navy know-how first developed for the Republic’s use. Whereas the AT-TE will get changed with the AT-AT, the identical is true with the smaller AT-RTs, that are upgraded as AT-STs. Likewise, Venator-class Star Destroyers have been co-opted by the Empire with only a few adjustments. Nonetheless, it also needs to be famous that early variations of Insurrection ships will be discovered throughout the Republic’s navy, equivalent to ARC-170s which have lots in frequent with X-Wings (in addition to earlier variations of the Y-Wing).

Why The Empire Was So Reliant On Republic Tech For So Lengthy

Whereas the Empire began changing the Republic’s clone troopers virtually instantly after their rule over the galaxy was secured, it is sensible that the Imperials did not simply destroy all of the Republic’s tech and navy infrastructure just because the Emperor needed a brand new type and search for his forces. As a substitute, the transition to the extra iconic Imperial autos and weapons was for much longer, coming from typical technological developments that got here with time. Tech and weaponry have been changed as soon as they grew to become outdated and out of date. It is a logical and pure swap that is much less darkish than the Empire’s reasoning for changing the clones, seeing enlisted stormtroopers as a galactic subjugation tactic.

At any price, the juxtaposition of the Empire nonetheless needing Republic know-how may be very entertaining, proving that they nonetheless had an intrinsic reliance on the federal government it changed. Even the Emperor needed to preserve the Republic Senate round as a way to placate the varied techniques below his rule previous to the development of the Loss of life Star within the first Star Wars film. As such, seeing V-Wings in The Dangerous Batch season 2 carries much more that means than merely that includes a cool ship from the live-action movies.

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