Scream Writer Weighs In On If Stu Macher Is Still Alive


Scream author Kevin Williamson weighs in on the controversy surrounding whether or not Matthew Lillard’s Stu Macher remains to be alive following the movie’s climax.

Scream author Kevin Williamson weighs in on if Matthew Lillard’s Stu Macher survived the slasher movie’s climax, settling years of hypothesis and debates along with his personal definitive reply. Williamson wrote the Wes Craven-directed 1996 horror slasher that has since spawned an ongoing franchise throughout movie and tv. Lillard starred alongside Neve Campbell, Skeet Ulrich, Drew Barrymore, Rose McGowan, and Jamie Kennedy as teenagers caught up within the killing spree of a masked serial killer who descends in town of Woodsboro with a motive that ties into the city’s darker secrets and techniques.

As reported by Collider, Williamson weighed in on the last word destiny of Stu Macher after years of debate and hypothesis by each Scream’s solid and viewers that counsel that Stu survived being crushed by a tv. Regardless of Stu gathering a powerful fanbase within the years for the reason that movie was launched, Williamson confirmed that Lillard’s villain is killed by Sidney Prescott (Campbell), and later cameos by the actor weren’t proof of Stu’s survival. Take a look at Williamson’s reply beneath:

“No, he’s lifeless. I believe that began due to the faculty scene, the frat social gathering scene as a result of he’s standing within the background. He simply came around set that evening.”

Why Followers Have Debated Stu’s Scream Destiny?

Whereas many killers who donned the masks of Ghostface have come and gone throughout the Scream franchise’s 26-year historical past, Stu and Skeet Ulrich’s Billy Loomis have remained not solely many audiences’ favourite killers, however a few of the franchise’s most recognizable characters. Their lasting enchantment is a credit score to Lillard and Ulrich’s energetic and energetic performances following the reveal that each Stu and Billy are liable for the Woodsboro murders as a part of a movie-influenced revenge scheme. After spending a lot of Scream’s prior runtime being portrayed as considerably likable suspects with convincing alibis, each Lillard and Ulrich embrace their character’s villainous turns with glee, leaving an enduring impression on audiences.

As such, any Scream followers who take pleasure in each characters had hoped that Stu may need survived, as his destiny was much less definitive than Billy’s, who was shot within the head by Sidney after a ultimate leap scare. In truth, each Lillard and viewers expressed the hope that Stu’s wounds might not have been deadly. Moreover, with 2022’s Scream returning to Stu’s household residence and Ulrich making a shock return as Billy in Scream (2022) by visions that Melissa Barrera’s Sam Carpenter is subjected to, many had hoped that Lillard might make a stunning however transient cameo as Stu. However whereas the actor did make a cameo because the flamethrower-wielding Ghostface in Rian Johnson’s fictional Stab 8 and as a party-goer throughout a tribute to Craven, Lillard didn’t reprise the position of Stu.

Stu Macher is undoubtedly one of many Scream franchise’s most beloved characters, with Lillard’s efficiency because the film-fanatic-turned-killer being one of many components that helped the movie revitalize the then-tired slasher style, and permit Scream to turn into a extremely profitable franchise that is set to proceed in 2023. As such, it’s comprehensible why each devoted followers of the franchise and Lillard might hope for Stu’s return, particularly after 2022’s Scream noticed Ulrich return by a artistic twist. Nonetheless, with Williamson confirming that Stu was killed by Sidney within the authentic film, viewers could also be upset to listen to that the opposite authentic Ghostface killer’s potential return is unlikely.


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