Rick and Morty Season 7’s Rick Recasting Has An In-Universe Explanation


Rick and Morty season 7’s Justin Roiland recasting has already been defined (unintentionally) by a plot arrange within the Grownup Swim hit’s season 6 finale.

Whereas Rick and Morty season 7 might be recasting its two title characters because of Justin Roiland’s dismissal, there’s already an in-universe rationalization for this modification. The anarchic world of Rick and Morty has few guidelines, which is a significant ingredient of the animated comedy’s attraction. Nonetheless, there was a degree of consistency all through Rick and Morty’s six seasons. For instance, each title characters have been performed by Justin Roiland since Rick and Morty’s pilot episode.

Grownup Swim lower ties with Justin Roiland after his fees of home battery and false imprisonment had been made public. Now, the creators of Rick and Morty should recast Roiland’s roles for season 7, as Grownup Swim introduced that the sequence will proceed with out Roiland’s involvement. This might succeed because of an present canon storyline from the Rick and Morty season 6 finale, which unintentionally arrange Rick’s potential voice substitute. Starting within the Rick and Morty season 6 premiere, the Rick Prime storyline gives a coincidental pathway for Rick and Morty season 7 to recast Roiland’s position as Rick Sanchez in-universe.

Rick’s Voice Change Is Made Simpler By Season 6

In Rick and Morty season 6, episode 1, “Solaricks,” C-137’s Rick started his fruitless, all-consuming seek for Rick Prime. This storyline gave each variations of Rick a cause to disguise themselves—and their voices—when Rick and Morty season 7 begins. Rick and Morty’s season 6 finale additional underlined this, as Rick lastly discovered Rick Prime’s hiding place just for him to find to his dismay that the villain was concurrently all around the universe on the similar time. This implies there may be numerous variations of Rick Prime and C-137 Rick can go undercover to hunt him out, thus justifying new voices for each variations of Rick.

This storyline would add up regardless of which approach Rick and Morty season 7 makes use of the twist. It could possibly be Rick Prime who modifications his voice to evade detection by C-137 Rick. Alternatively, C-137 Rick might alter his voice to lure Rick Prime out of hiding. This wouldn’t be the primary time that Rick and Morty pulled this twist off, both. In Rick and Morty season 6’s most divisive episode, Rick changed himself with an an identical clone (which wasn’t even revealed to viewers till the subsequent episode). Nonetheless, this twist would work higher in season 7 if viewers knew it was nonetheless the identical previous Rick with a disguised voice.

Rick’s Voice Change May Deliver Again A Present Custom

Rick and Morty has all the time made fourth-wall-leaning gags concerning the present’s standing as a TV present, and this commonplace trope has by no means been extra justified than it’s now. Rick and Morty season 7 can acknowledge the change in Rick’s voice simpler than many reveals for the reason that sequence has all the time made meta-jokes about tv conventions. Moreover, Rick and Morty’s season 6 finale makes it even simpler for the sequence to clarify the change in canon. Whereas it’s robust for any present to recast its lead characters, Rick and Morty season 7 fortunately has extra leeway than most.


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