Ranking 16 Main Characters From Weakest To Strongest

Ranking 16 Main Characters From Weakest To Strongest


  • The One Piece live-action sequence showcases a colourful forged of characters with various strengths and energy ranges, making for an interesting watch.
  • The strongest character in season 1 is up for debate, as Gold Roger is just proven previous his prime, leaving room to think about different contenders.
  • Characters like Koby, Helmeppo, and Zeff have the potential to develop stronger in future seasons, establishing an thrilling energy scale for One Piece season 2.

The One Piece live-action sequence has develop into one in every of Netflix’s hottest because of its colourful forged of characters, all with various strengths and energy ranges to rank. Primarily based on the unique manga by Eiichiro Oda, One Piece season 1 introduced the enduring characters to life, from the Straw Hats to the intimidating pirates of the seas. After eight episodes masking the manga’s East Blue Saga, the Straw Hats have been set as much as proceed their journey to the Grand Line and discover Gold Roger’s treasure, the One Piece.

By way of the strongest One Piece character, Gold Roger is a particular contender. Nonetheless, the live-action sequence solely exhibits Gold Roger on the time of his execution which places him previous his prime. That opens up the dialogue of who really is the strongest character in season 1 of One Piece. From bodily energy to their affect over others, there’s a lot to take note of when contemplating a personality’s true energy going into One Piece season 2.

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16 Koby

Held captive on Captain Alvida’s ship, Koby is among the first characters launched within the sequence. Because of Luffy, he is ready to escape and pursue his true dream of changing into a Marine. Regardless of not having any expertise, Garp sees Koby’s potential due to his willpower and logic.

Though Koby is a particularly lovable character, he seemingly wouldn’t stand a lot of an opportunity towards the present’s sturdy villains. Nonetheless, the tip of season 1 units up Koby to be personally skilled by Garp, and he’s certain to get stronger with some bodily coaching. Understanding that he has a particular transformation within the One Piece manga, Koby positively has the chance to maneuver up the ability scale sooner or later.

15 Helmeppo

Helmeppo in Netflix's live-action One Piece

Helmeppo is the son of Marine chief Axe-Hand Morgan. When he’s first launched, he appears to spend most of his time utilizing his father’s standing to get what he needs. After his confrontation within the bar with Zoro, he decides that he too needs to have the ability to struggle for himself in spite of everything.

He joins the Marines concurrently Koby, and the 2 initially conflict with the right way to go about their coaching. By the tip of the season, nonetheless, the 2 realized to respect one another and Helmeppo was chosen to coach underneath Garp as properly. Whereas Helmeppo has plenty of rising to do similar to Koby, he’s barely greater on the record due to his information of the Marines rising up underneath his father.

14 Zeff

Zeff in One Piece Live Action

Zeff initially appears to simply be the pinnacle of the Baratie, nevertheless it’s rapidly revealed that he was once the captain of the Prepare dinner Pirates. After his complete crew was worn out in a storm, he spent weeks stranded on an island with Sanji. To make sure that Sanji had the means to outlive, he gave up all of his meals for him even when it meant having to eat his personal leg. This earned Sanji his belief and the 2 developed a father-son relationship of types ever since.

Although Zeff is unquestionably previous his prime, the chef may seemingly nonetheless put up a substantial struggle. Even with one leg, he wouldn’t simply overlook the right way to struggle for himself and in addition has the expertise to again it up. He might not be the strongest, not to mention as sturdy as he was once, however Zeff may nonetheless outpower the typical individual.

13 Usopp

Jacob Romero as Usopp in Netflix's One Piece live-action show

Becoming a member of the Straw Hats after they go to Syrup Village, Usopp is recruited by Luffy due to his glorious capturing skills. He’s undeniably loyal to these he considers his associates and can do something to guard them, as seen in how he vowed to guard Kaya from Kuro. He’s additionally seen to be a strategist who can suppose on the fly, similar to when he lined his ammo in scorching sauce whereas up towards the Fish-Males.

Regardless of Usopp’s strengths, he’s nonetheless significantly weaker than his fellow Straw Hats. He grew up telling elaborate tales about journey and pirates, however with out the precise expertise, he’s fairly a cowardly individual. Now that Usopp lastly has the chance to journey with a crew, he’s dead-set on changing into stronger and a courageous warrior of the ocean.

12 Alvida

Alvida in Netflix's live-action One Piece

Captain Alvida is the primary antagonist that Luffy has to face. The captain of the Alvida pirates and Koby’s captor, she has a loyal crew who traverse the seas together with her. Although her full capabilities aren’t precisely proven within the live-action sequence, she is at the least proven to be lethal together with her trusted iron mace.

Clearly Alvida is stronger than most as she’s capable of run her personal ship and crew. Nonetheless, from her smaller bounty and straightforward defeat by a naive Luffy proper off the bat, there are positively pirates within the East Blue who’re a lot stronger. Together with her alliance with Buggy teased on the finish of the season, it seems just like the present is just not completed with Alvida simply but and that she could have a improvement arc of some kind.

11 Axe-Hand Morgan

Axe-Hand Morgan in One Piece Live Action

With the standing of Marine Captain, Axe-Hand Morgan is tremendously revered and feared by many. He mentions how he’s taken down pirates earlier than, such because the Black Cat Pirates’ chief Kuro. With a literal weapon for a hand, anybody who goes up towards him could have their work minimize out for them.

Axe-Hand Morgan solely appeared in a single episode of One Piece, however his energy was proven off fairly aptly. He had many loyal males who listened to him, and Luffy, Zoro, and Nami needed to work collectively to truly take him down. Although he was in the end defeated, there’s no doubting Captain Morgan’s energy and legacy within the One Piece universe.

10 Nami

Emily Rudd as Nami in Netflix's One Piece live-action show

One of many first to affix the Straw Hats, Nami is seemingly recruited for her navigation and preventing expertise. She can be an extremely stealthy and deceiving thief, which foreshadows her supposed betrayal in episode 6. Though her motives are finally revealed to be for the sake of saving her village, it’s positively higher to have Nami as an ally than an enemy.

Nami is just not the strongest bodily, however her mind and stealth are her final weapons. Even in a struggle, she will clearly nonetheless maintain her personal as she defeated a number of Marine guards together with her employees. Rising up underneath Arlong and the Fish-Males, she was sure to choose up some battle methods that she will now use with the Straw Hats. This aptly places Nami in the course of the pack on the subject of energy and energy, greater than the typical human.

9 Kuro

Kuro in One Piece Live Action

The second Klahadore is launched within the live-action sequence, there’s instantly an air of uneasiness that follows. Zoro particularly has his suspicions about Kaya’s butler, and people suspicions are confirmed to be legitimate when Klahadore is definitely revealed to be Kuro, the captain of the Black Cat Pirates. Kuro has literal weapons for arms similar to Axe-Hand Morgan, permitting him to slice up any enemy together with his blades. He’s additionally proven shifting extremely swiftly and rapidly, catching enemies off guard.

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Regardless of these traits that make Kuro a seemingly overpowered character, Luffy and the Straw Hats are literally capable of defeat him fairly simply all issues thought-about. With some stalling from Usopp and some hits from Luffy, Kuro in the end retreats. He’s nonetheless no match for the typical individual, however there are fairly a number of characters who may most likely finest Kuro in a battle strength-wise.

8 Sanji

Taz Skylar as Sanji in Netflix's One Piece live-action show

The sleek-talking chef of the Baratie, Sanji’s best energy is his ardour for meals. He’s extremely modern, making up dishes for his enjoyment even when it means defying Zeff’s orders. It’s truly fairly a shock how expert of a fighter Sanji finally ends up being, together with his first true present of energy being him defeating a number of diners in Baratie’s principal eating room with simply his ft.

As to maintain his arms protected for cooking, Sanji fights primarily together with his ft. His legs are extremely sturdy as seen together with his energy and suppleness. He was even capable of struggle off a number of Fish-Males at Arlong Park and sustain with Zoro’s tempo, which is a feat in itself. Even with room to develop, Sanji is already a formidable pressure for the Straw Hats together with his expertise for preventing and charismatic methods.

7 Buggy

Buggy in Netflix's live-action One Piece

Like Luffy, Buggy the Clown will get his powers from the Satan Fruit he ate. The Chop-Chop fruit allowed him to disassemble and reassemble his physique at will, together with his limbs with the ability to tackle a number of fights directly. This made for a particularly robust problem for the Straw Hats once they have been initially captured by the Buggy Pirates as they didn’t fairly know the perfect technique to cope with him.

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Whereas Buggy’s energy makes him an extremely sturdy opponent, additionally it is his greatest kryptonite. It solely takes somebody locking away his different limbs or capturing his physique to render him ineffective, as he can’t actually perform with only a head. He already needed to depend on the Straw Hats to get his physique again, and it’s solely a matter of time earlier than it occurs once more. Buggy is undoubtedly highly effective due to his distinctive powers, however additionally it is fairly straightforward to beat him.

6 Zoro

Zoro fighting Mihawk in One Piece episode 5

Rising up in a dojo, Zoro skilled to develop into a swordsman from a younger age. He skilled alongside his pal Kuina, and because the class’ high college students, the 2 made a promise to develop into the world’s best swordsman. When Kuina died, the duty was placed on Zoro to hold on her dream, which he did by changing into a pirate hunter.

Zoro’s defining preventing type consists of dual-wielding katanas, even utilizing a 3rd when crucial by placing it in his mouth. All through the sequence, he’s proven defeating his enemies with some straightforward slices and possessing unimaginable energy. Although he’s nearly taken out by the pirate Mihawk in a swordfight, Mihawk spares him as he sees Zoro’s potential. He encourages Zoro to maintain coaching to surpass him because the world’s best swordsman, however for now, Zoro can put his efforts into defending the Straw Hats.

5 Arlong

Arlong fishman in One Piece live-action

Arlong is among the present’s most intimidating and scary characters as a result of he isn’t afraid to get blood on his arms. He and the Arlong Pirates ransacked Cocoyasi Village, even killing Nami and Nojiko’s mom in entrance of them. Because the season’s ultimate boss, he was positively not going to be a simple opponent for Luffy.

As one in every of One Piece’s Fish-Males, Arlong possesses qualities that the opposite human characters can’t compete with, similar to amplified energy, a razor nostril, and sharp enamel that may develop again. The present didn’t even have to enter his strengths underwater for him to be thought-about one of many greatest bodily threats. Whereas Luffy was in the end capable of defeat him, it took an entire constructing coming down on Arlong to cease his pursuit.

4 Luffy

Luffy smiling in One Piece

The principle character of One Piece, Luffy is iconic for a lot of causes. After consuming a Gum-Gum fruit as a child, he inherited the flexibility to stretch his physique like rubber. Even with out a lot battle expertise and an air of naiveness to him, Luffy’s assaults in One Piece are capable of take down some opponents proper off the bat with Gum Gum Assaults just like the Gum Gum Pistol and Gum Gum Bell.

Luffy’s best energy, nonetheless, is his willpower and loyalty. He has absolutely the resolve to develop into King of the Pirates and discover the One Piece, and he has proven time and time once more that he’ll do something for his crew. The place he might lack in bodily method on the subject of battle, he has all of the qualities that might make one respect him as a captain. With an precise crew behind him now and an extended journey forward of him, this solely exhibits how a lot room for development he has.

3 Garp

Vincent Regan as Garp in One Piece

Garp is a particularly highly effective vice admiral for the Marines and coincidentally, Luffy’s grandfather. He grew up wanting his grandson to observe in his footsteps and develop into a part of the Marines however in the end accepted that his true potential was in changing into a pirate. As a vice admiral, Garp has to have excellent bodily skills, which he confirmed off in his face-off towards Luffy close to the tip of the sequence.

To have the ability to handle such an enormous crew of Marines, Garp has the logic to again up his battle methods. He additionally has a commanding presence because the Marines worry but respect him. With all the Marines’ assets at his disposal, this makes Garp one of many strongest One Piece characters. Nonetheless, his dedication to the Marines additionally holds him again from being absolutely the strongest as he can’t act as he pleases.

2 Shanks

Peter Gadiot as Shanks and sea beast in One Piece

Luffy’s mentor, Shanks is just actually seen in flashbacks all through the One Piece live-action sequence. He’s the explanation Luffy needs to develop into a pirate within the first place, and he’s the one who provides Luffy the enduring straw hat. Shanks’ energy as a pirate and captain is undisputed, as he has such a giant, loyal crew. He is stuffed with knowledge as he teaches Luffy that not every little thing is about preventing, although he does possess sturdy fight expertise himself.

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Maybe what solidifies Shanks as one of many East Blue’s most revered pirates is his sturdy will as he sacrificed his arm with out a second thought if it meant he may save Luffy. The scenario additionally confirmed off his most necessary capability, the Conqueror’s Haki. It permits him management over people and the flexibility to persuade them at his will, as he satisfied the Sea Beast to let Luffy go. Although Shanks is at the moment going via a relaxation interval, he’s sure to bounce again to his former glory now realizing that Luffy is someplace on the market on the seas.

1 Mihawk

Mihawk fighting in One Piece

Probably the most terrifying presences within the One Piece universe, Mihawk is considered the world’s finest swordsman. He’s launched within the present slicing a whole ship in half and slaying one other fellow pirate, which is only a preview into his energy. In his duel towards Zoro, he’s even capable of put up a robust struggle with a tiny sword.

What makes Mihawk probably the most highly effective character within the One Piece live-action is his immunity to the Marines. As one of many Seven Warlords of the Sea, his bounty is canceled and he’s given free rein to behave as he pleases. With that affect alongside together with his bodily energy and expertise with a blade, that makes Mihawk formidable menace to his enemies.


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