One Piece: Jewelry Bonney Might be Another Surprise Knockoff

One Piece: Jewelry Bonney Might be Another Surprise Knockoff

One Piece, has at all times been recognized for its elaborate plot twists and complicated world-building. Now greater than ever, the secrets and techniques of the One Piece world are being revealed to readers, and new developments might have simply arrange the notorious pirate, Jewellery Bonney, for a surprising revelation.

Bonney Jewellery is one in all One Piece’s most mysterious characters. Although she seems very outspoken about her wishes to see her father, Bartholomew Kuma, have his recollections restored by Dr. Vegapunk, readers have but to obtain a proof as to why Kuma volunteered them away within the first place. Each angle appears to level to one thing darkish and unnerving about Bonney’s previous being the explanation why Kuma willingly let himself change into a slave to his sworn enemies, the Celestial Dragons. Like all doting father would, Kuma has been making an attempt to guard Bonney from some form of data that he believes would tear her asideā€¦so what may this reveal grow to be?

One Piece’s Kuma is Hiding Bonney’s Darkish Previous

In chapter 1072 of One Piece, it was revealed that the CP0 agent Stussy is definitely a clone of the previous Rocks Pirate, Miss Buckingham Stussy. This revelation has opened up a brand new avenue of prospects, particularly on the subject of the character of Jewellery Bonney. The know-how to clone somebody has been round for many years in One Piece, and it seems that Dr. Vegapunk is the inventor of this cloning mechanism. That is evident from a flashback the place he calls Stussy the primary “profitable” clone. Moreover, it has change into doubtless that Weevil, a former Warlord of the Sea, is a failed clone of Whitebeard who, very like Miss Buckingham Stussy, was on the Rocks Pirate crew at one level. Because of this Dr. Vegapunk already has two connections to clones of Rocks Pirate crew members. Given these current developments, it isn’t exhausting to think about that Jewellery Bonney may be a clone. Bonney seems to be nothing like her father, Kuma, and has an incredible resemblance to Large Mother in her youthful days. This reveal of Bonney being Large Mother’s clone would add up since Kuma has given up every thing to maintain some form of darkish reality from her.

Large Mother Resembled Bonney Jewellery When She Was Youthful

The previous Rocks Pirate crew and Dr. Vegapunk have an advanced historical past in One Piece, and it is doable that sooner or later previously, Bonney was created as a method to replicate Large Mother on the top of her energy. The Rocks Pirates had been famend for his or her peerless energy and each clone thus far has been particularly tailor-made to a pirate notorious for his or her energy. There is no such thing as a denying Bonney and a younger Large Mother share an incredible resemblance, and it might be utterly inside Vegapunk’s character to secretly create extra clones of the Rocks Pirates. Bonney’s Satan Fruit energy of age manipulation additionally suits into this, and it could end up that she was as soon as meant to be the important thing to Vegapunk’s experiments- as she might be a lot older than beforehand thought. In spite of everything, each clone he has made to date has begun as a baby, and he might have tried to check Satan Fruit powers on failed clones previously.

With the current revelation of the existence of cloning know-how in One Piece, and the connections to clones of Rocks Pirate crew members, it isn’t exhausting to think about that Jewellery Bonney may be a clone of Large Mother. This idea provides extra layers to Large Mother and Kuma, and offers extra perception into the form of particular person Large Mother was earlier than she grew to become one of many 4 Emperors. Whereas it’s only a idea, the way in which One Piece likes to drop hints and tease future plot developments makes it a really believable one.

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