Jim Gaffigan Can’t Save Scattered Sci-Fi Dramedy Linoleum

There are quite a lot of quirky elements crammed into writer-director Colin West’s dramedy Linoleum. The overload of uncommon occurrences and oddball coincidences will get unwieldy pretty quickly, and it seems an increasing number of unlikely as a result of the movie goes on that West will be able to tie all of it collectively. Primarily probably the most disappointing issue about Linoleum is that West seems to give up on making these uncommon particulars into one factor coherent, in its place throwing in difficult twists that invalidate fairly than enhance each half that acquired right here earlier.

Linoleum begins as a result of the story of a midlife catastrophe, starring Jim Gaffigan as failed astronomer and aspiring TV host Cameron Edwin. Cameron lives in a magical-realist mannequin of Nineteen Eighties suburbia inside the generic Ohio metropolis of Fairview Heights. Inside the opening scene, Cameron witnesses what appears to be a car falling from the sky and crashing onto his quiet avenue, although later, he encounters the car’s inhabitant, astronaut Kent Armstrong (moreover Gaffigan), who’s unharmed and denies that any such accident occurred.

That incident models the tone for Linoleum, which is often a grounded family drama and sometimes a sci-fi-adjacent journey. Cameron is irritated alongside together with his state of affairs in life, jealous of the additional accomplished Kent, who’s acquired prestigious science awards and has traveled to space, whereas Cameron can solely get rejection letters from NASA. The one expert accomplishment that Cameron can preserve onto is the children’ TV science current that he hosts and produces in his storage, paying homage to Mr. Wizard or Bill Nye the Science Man. He’s hoping to lastly get bumped as a lot as a Saturday-morning slot on an space TV station, nonetheless in its place, he finds out that PBS has decided to decide on up the current nationally. The one draw back is that they want Kent to be the model new host.

At residence, Cameron is estranged from his partner Erin (Larger Title Saul’s Rhea Seehorn), who’s filed for divorce nonetheless is sustaining the illusion of a cheerful marriage for the sake of their youngsters. Teenage Nora (Katelyn Nacon) is a prime scholar nonetheless a little little bit of a social misfit, and she or he connects with new classmate and fellow outcast Marc (Gabriel Rush) — who happens to be Kent’s son. The Edwins’ youthful son Sam not at all speaks and is carried out by completely completely different actors — along with two of Gaffigan’s real-life sons — in each scene. Clearly, one factor is off there, nonetheless Linoleum teases these weird glitches for a lot of of its working time sooner than clumsily explaining them away in a rush of exposition inside the final act.

All of that may be quite a bit for Cameron to cope with, with out even mentioning the basic space particles that crashes in his yard. Federal brokers declare the realm off-limits, nonetheless Cameron defies their orders and salvages the damaged module for elements, determined to assemble his private rocket and fly into orbit if NASA won’t accept him. The whimsy clashes with the scientific factors, and it’s laborious to tell whether or not or not Cameron’s potential journey into space is meant to be taken really.

It’s laborious to tell whether or not or not one thing in Linoleum is meant to be taken really, which makes it highly effective to get emotionally invested in any of the character arcs. Gaffigan, who’s nonetheless most interesting acknowledged for his stand-up comedy, is spectacular inside the twin roles, making the two males distinctive nonetheless complementary. He affords an affecting effectivity as Cameron, retaining his wry humor whereas conveying Cameron’s melancholy. Seehorn matches him with Erin’s regret, although her improvement is on a regular basis secondary to Cameron’s. Erin works in administration on the native air and space museum, nonetheless like Cameron, she as quickly as had larger wishes of scientific glory.

Linoleum pushes laborious on its theme of the worth of giving up in your wishes, and West builds to what’s meant to be a grand, profound crescendo. In its place, it’s principally muddled and irritating, as the exact character development is rendered largely irrelevant for the sake of twists that aren’t virtually as mind-blowing as they’re provided to be. Even sooner than the cascade of difficult revelations, Linoleum has develop to be a convoluted mess, mixing metaphors and dropping sight of the characters’ motivations. Notably disappointing is a subplot that finds the confidently out lesbian Nora questioning her sexuality due to the lovable boy she merely met.

Linoleum is a follow-up to West’s equally inscrutable and self-serious 2021 thriller Double Walker. It’s a step up by means of vogue and performances, along with amusing supporting turns from Michael Ian Black and Tony Shalhoub. West creates an immersive retro setting, mixing interval ingredient in an evocative, if not exactly historically appropriate, method. Linoleum can solely get by for due to this fact prolonged on vibes, and the messy plotting and abrupt tonal shifts in the end overwhelm the appealingly twee visuals. In its place of together with as a lot as a cathartic climax, it crashes proper right into a dissatisfying mess.

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