How (& Where) to Find Nimue

How (& Where) to Find Nimue

A Goddess of the Fae, Nimue is an NPC you could find in Remnant 2 who will supply extraordinarily uncommon gadgets and assist in aspect quests for many who can discover the place this sleeping entity rests. Whereas most of the campaigns on your characters are randomly generated, Nimue seems constantly in any of them. Providing loads of steerage, those that uncover Nimue may unlock a secret achievement.

When beginning a playthrough, the structure of each world is solely random, including to the limitless prospects in Remnant 2 on your created characters. Nevertheless, Nimue will all the time present up someplace in Losomn since she is taken into account a goddess of the Fae who lives there. One of many essential causes to search out Nimue in Losomn is as a result of she reveals the place you may problem the Impostor King, a robust world boss.

Nimue’s Location

There are two areas Nimue has an opportunity to seem in, each known as Nimue’s Retreat within the Beatific Palace and Morrow Parish Sanatorium. The Retreat just isn’t an apparent location in your map, however you may attain this place by going by way of the Sanatorium round Losomn. A sure golden door has an opportunity to be on one of many flooring of the Sanatorium, however the Parish will not be a part of your marketing campaign or Journey Mode roll.

Everytime you discover Nimue at both her Retreat or the Beatific Palace, the space positive aspects a checkpoint that you could be fast-travel again to at any time as you accumulate crafting supplies.

Alternatively, the Beatific Palace in Remnant 2 additionally may arrive your map just like areas just like the Sanatorium, this time with a hidden elevator that takes you to Nimue. The Palace has a singular construction on every reroll, so it might be on a distinct flooring each time you journey there. This path lies behind a portray, with one other occasion of Nimue’s Retreat down a hallway midway down the elevator shaft.

Rewards For Discovering Nimue

Remnant 2 Nimue Seer and Shaper of the Fae Secret Vendor Items

Touring to Nimue’s Retreat earns the Blue Goddess secret achievement, together with 5 gadgets that you would be able to craft with the Shaper of the Fae. 4 of this stuff will likely be unavailable at first, with query marks as a substitute of descriptions. Nimue will trace at secret quests that your character can pursue, although they could rely on what missions have generated on your character archetype in Remnant 2.

Sometimes, Nimue will likely be discovered sleeping at her Retreat and can’t be talked to for gadgets till you depart the placement and return a short while later.

Whereas Nimue slumbers, you may use the Dreamcatcher on her to achieve the Crescent Moon Bow as a reward. The goals of this goddess additionally assist to transport your character to a brand new world, the place new supplies might be discovered to spice up the ability of your new weapon. Those that discover the place Nimue is on an Journey Mode or marketing campaign roll in Remnant 2 can get gadgets that can considerably enhance their character construct.

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