How To Farm Blood Moon Essence in Remnant 2

How To Farm Blood Moon Essence in Remnant 2

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Touring all through the worlds of Remnant 2 offers you an opportunity to farm a particular foreign money known as Blood Moon Essence, which helps unlock new gear, weapons, and even a secret character archetype. This Essence is usually a uncommon discover, making it a helpful materials to gather typically your self or with as much as two co-op allies. By monitoring the precise occasions in a selected world, you will have a possibility to farm tons of this useful resource.

The primary world that gives Blood Moon Essence in Remnant 2 is known as Yaesha, a Location that now rots from inside attributable to The Root entity from the final recreation’s occasions. Enveloped by an enormous forest, Yaesha has a Bloodmoon Altar the place you possibly can trade Essence for numerous objects. One of many objects supplied right here is the Light Grimoire, which is significant to completely unlock the Summoner Archetype for characters.

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How To Discover Blood Moon Essence

The primary solution to farm Blood Moon Essence in Remnant 2 revolves round taking pictures purple Root Wisp enemies that seem inside Yaesha. These creatures fly by way of the sky in sporadic patterns, making them a bit tough to intention at as you discover the world. As soon as you are taking down a Root Wisp, a small quantity of Essence robotically flies towards your character, harvesting the fabric as quickly because it touches you.

The Forbidden Grove usually hosts probably the most Root Wisps, however the Blood Moon that spawns these enemies can seem randomly in numerous areas of Yaesha.

Make certain to equip a robust long-range weapon that may spot and take out Wisps earlier than they flee upon noticing your character. Spawning a Blood Moon creates a ton of Root Wisps you possibly can defeat earlier than going to a distinct space by way of a door or portal to reset these enemies in Remnant 2. Merely going forwards and backwards to the Moon offers you an opportunity to farm tons of Essence by taking pictures down group after group of Wisps.

One other solution to farm Blood Moon Essence comes from a selection it’s a must to make with The Ravager Beast, a robust creature you’ll encounter after fixing the Music Harp Puzzle. The selection includes killing or sparing a doe, with the slaughter of the deer making a Blood Moon. The Wisps that spawn from this Moon result in a great quantity of Essence to gather with the identical technique as earlier than.

How To Use Blood Moon Essence

Remnant 2 Bloodmoon Altar with Items to Purchase with Blood Moon Essence

Apart from the particular merchandise used to entry the Summoner Archetype, there are 4 items of an armor set, two equipment, one concoction, and a melee weapon which may be bought from the Bloodmoon Altar utilizing Essence. Different objects are wanted along with Essence at this unusual store, so that you may must discover different worlds to get all the things you want.

Each Bloodmoon Altar Merchandise





Light Grimwoire


  • 15 Blood Moon Essence
  • 5 Lumenite Crystal
  • 1,500 Scrap

Used as a crafting materials for the Tome of The Bringer Engram, which grants entry to the Summoner Archetype.

Knotted Helm


  • 5 Blood Moon Essence
  • 300 Scrap

Gives average safety and resistance to Blight and Toxin harm varieties.

Knotted Cage

Physique Armor

  • 10 Blood Moon Essence
  • 500 Scrap

Provides low resistance to Bleed and Blight damages however is a big defensive buff in opposition to Toxin.

Knotted Greaves

Leg Armor

  • 7 Blood Moon Essence
  • 600 Scrap

Grants excessive safety and elevated resistance in opposition to Bleed, Blight, and Toxin.

Knotted Gloves


  • 3 Blood Moon Essence
  • 250 Scrap

Medium-weight gloves with average safety from bodily assaults, excessive resistance to Toxin, and average defenses in opposition to Bleed and Shock.

Soul Anchor


  • 10 Blood Moon Essence
  • 3 Lumenite Crystal
  • 1,000 Scrap

Will increase all harm dealt for a small period after summoning.

Soul Guard


  • 5 Blood Moon Essence
  • 2 Lumenite Crystal
  • 750 Scrap

Provides you a stack of Bulwark for every energetic summon you management, making you extra resistant to wreck.

Blade of Gul

Melee Weapon

  • 10 Blood Moon Essence
  • 1,250 Scrap

Melee Weapon offers average bodily harm and will be upgraded with completely different mods and mutators.

Sanguine Vapor


  • 1 Blood Moon Essence
  • 500 Scrap

Will increase Ranged and Melee Lifesteal by 3.5% of base harm for 60 minutes and boosts harm taken by 10%. You could solely have one concoction energetic at a time.

A part of the limitless prospects of Remnant 2 is discovered by way of the loopy character builds you can also make utilizing the objects discovered right here on the Altar, making Blood Moon Essence a terrific materials to farm throughout your adventures to Yaesha.

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