Happiness is The Destination, Sadness is a Vain and Futile Pursuit


Happiness is The Vacation spot, Disappointment is a Useless and Futile Pursuit – After I say that “All of us like to win, however who loves to coach?”, what do I imply? I imply happiness and pleasure all through the entire course of is the vacation spot, and unhappiness in any of it’s by no means desired. Happiness doesn’t imply whole play or whole work, it means having fun with the method in addition to the outcome, that’s it.

Being a staunch and strict objectivist thinker with a psychological emphasis on full epistemological understanding of what life is, I can say and imply this: It is so simple as what I mentioned above, however if you wish to learn extra into it, right here goes.

Actuality is a rational step-by-step course of, not one thing you cheat and take brief cuts at which implies that you benefit from the course of in addition to the lead to each approach that counts, and discard the pointless. Logically, I might finish right here, however I’ll clarify myself extra: The required is what will get outcomes, the pointless is that which doesn’t get good outcomes. That easy, that succinct. Realistically, there must be grey areas in my occupied with this level, however there will not be.

That is the place I eliminate all mysticism, I do what works and eliminate what doesn’t systematically and effectively when wanted. For, like I mentioned within the title, actively pursuing unhappiness till “rock bottom” or worse is all the time a vain pursuit.

Happiness is a outcome, and happiness throughout a course of genuinely will get outcomes. Have you ever ever heard of anybody being proud of inefficiency and never getting issues carried out of their favor? Solely within the excessive bureaucratic mentality have you ever heard of that “phenomena” or actuality. Everybody, and every little thing naturally strikes towards completion and betterment. To brief hand the time period, everyone loves a winner, no one loves a loser. That’s simply lifelike human nature.

The one one who does probably not need to succeed is one who’s doing one thing genuinely incorrect, and harmful. Certainly, destruction doesn’t result in happiness, particularly initiated felony destruction with none cause or actuality to it apart from the sake of destruction with out cause or regard for actuality. So, I’ll put it in a actuality that can’t be argued actually.

Everybody needs a contented course of in addition to an awesome outcome, every little thing else may be discarded as undesirable. That is the place happiness is the real and actual vacation spot and unhappiness is the useless pursuit. What’s, is, positive. However what is nice, have to be achieved then preserved as a course of and outcome.


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