Every Type Of Stormtrooper Ranked According To Threat Level

Every Type Of Stormtrooper Ranked According To Threat Level


  • Completely different stormtrooper variants, reminiscent of cave troopers and desert stormtroopers, had specialised gear for particular environments however lacked important benefits over primary stormtroopers.
  • Scout and patrol troopers centered on reconnaissance missions and had lighter armor for higher mobility, whereas patrol troopers acted as speedy response police in city environments.
  • First Order stormtroopers displayed extra ability and had been a extra important menace than Imperial stormtroopers; any First Order stormtrooper might be randomly chosen as an executioner.

The white-armored stormtroopers had been the unique unhealthy guys of the Star Wars franchise, however a number of sorts of stormtroopers have been created in canon over time with various menace ranges. From the reign of the Galactic Empire to the rise of the First Order, numerous stormtrooper variants exist for each potential state of affairs. Some solely have minor variations from bizarre stormtroopers, whereas others are the deadliest troopers within the historical past of the Star Wars galaxy.

Regardless of their reputation, Imperial stormtroopers are sometimes criticized for having poor intention and primarily serving as cannon fodder for the heroes. Nevertheless, the sheer variety of stormtrooper variants proves that the Empire and the First Order had been lethal enemies with a horde of specialised troops to match. Dozens of stormtrooper variants had been created in the course of the 50-year existence of the Empire and later the First Order, every sort displaying combined outcomes when it got here to being a menace.

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24 Cave Troopers

Star Wars: Allies And Adversaries Sourcebook

Cave troopers wore scout trooper armor with low-light imaginative and prescient gear to assist them see in the dead of night, making them splendid for looking caves and different darkish areas. They carried standard-issue blasters but in addition had outsized vibroknives, good for shut fight when it was too darkish to intention successfully. Aside from these options, cave troopers had no important benefit over every other stormtrooper variant.

23 Desert Stormtroopers (AKA Sandtroopers)

Star Wars (1977)

Desert stormtroopers, extra generally referred to as sandtroopers, wore armor with cooling followers and a helmet with a sand filter. They had been dispatched to worlds with desert terrain for specialised missions, together with Tatooine in A New Hope, the place they rode dewbacks and earned the identify “dewback troopers.” Like cave troopers, sandtroopers are primarily primary stormtroopers with a number of minor variations, that means they don’t have anything to make them a major menace by comparability.

22 Scout Troopers & Patrol Troopers

The Mandalorian

The Mandalorian Episode 8 Scout Troopers

Scout troopers specialised in reconnaissance missions, driving on speeder bikes and carrying lighter armor for higher mobility. This made them extra susceptible to assault than stormtroopers carrying customary armor, however they made up for it with pace and the blasters connected to their speeders. Patrol troopers had been a variant created for Solo: A Star Wars Story, tasked with performing as a speedy response police drive in city environments.

21 Imperial Military Trooper


Lt. Gorn in Imperial Army Trooper gear in Andor.

Imperial Military troopers had been customary infantry troopers who fought on the entrance strains because the Empire expanded throughout the galaxy. Most had been younger and keen conscripts who did not obtain the identical coaching because the elite Imperial stormtroopers, making them much less of a menace by comparability. They wore easy battle armor and helmets that didn’t cowl the face and customarily carried the identical blasters as stormtroopers.

20 Imperial Stormtroopers

Stormtroopers Throughout The Star Wars Franchise

Imperial stormtroopers had been the commonest sort of soldier within the Empire, sporting the now traditional white armor and E-11 blaster rifles. Whereas not as extremely skilled because the clone troopers that served the Galactic Republic in the course of the Clone Wars, stormtroopers had been recruited from numerous worlds and designed to overwhelm an enemy by way of numbers. Stormtroopers who distinguished themselves would have their rank displayed by coloration and might be promoted to one of many specialised variants that operated in particular environments.

19 Snowtroopers

The Empire Strikes Again

Snowtroopers in Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back

Whereas snowtroopers had been merely stormtroopers geared up for colder environments, they displayed barely extra competence in The Empire Strikes Again. This was seemingly the results of specialised coaching for harmful circumstances, and snowtroopers carried E-Net heavy repeating blaster cannons along with the usual situation E-11 blaster rifles. First Order snowtroopers appeared all through the Star Wars sequel trilogy however didn’t do sufficient to tell apart themselves from Imperial snowtroopers.

18 Executioner Troopers

Star Wars: The Final Jedi

First Order Executioner Troopers in Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

First Order executioner troopers had been randomly chosen stormtroopers that might be referred to as to execute prisoners or traitors at any time. This speaks to First Order stormtroopers’ ruthlessness and strict coaching, as their commanders had been assured sufficient to have any of them carry out an execution. In any other case, that is their solely distinction from bizarre stormtroopers.

17 First Order Stormtroopers

The Star Wars Sequel Trilogy

Just like the Imperial stormtroopers that preceded them, First Order stormtroopers had been the commonest sort of soldier of their respective navy. First Order stormtroopers additionally served as cannon fodder, primarily overwhelming an enemy by way of numbers, however they did show extra ability than Imperial stormtroopers. This makes them considerably extra of a menace in comparison with different stormtrooper variants.

16 Coastal Defender Stormtroopers

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

Coastal defender trooper

Coastal defender stormtroopers had been stationed on the Imperial information vault on Scarif, skilled and geared up for fight in tropical environments. They did extra harm on the Battle of Scarif than the common stormtroopers, utilizing thermal imploders and extremely explosive grenades to kill a number of opponents. These troopers are one other instance of specialised terrain coaching that provides stormtrooper variants a bonus.

15 Vary Troopers

Solo: A Star Wars Story

Vary troopers had been one other sort of stormtrooper created for Solo: A Star Wars Story, carrying helmets just like coastal defender stormtroopers. They wore heavy armor and magnetic gription boots that secured them to a steel floor, splendid for combating thieves on prime of transferring transports. These options made Vary troopers tougher to kill than common stormtroopers, who had a behavior of falling from excessive platforms.

14 Crimson Stormtroopers, Magma Troopers, & Lava Troopers

Star Wars Battlefront (2015)

Star Wars Magma trooper

Crimson stormtroopers, magma troopers, and lava troopers had been stormtrooper variants with totally different designs that finally served the identical objective. Crimson stormtroopers had purple armor that protected them from the warmth of volcanic areas, whereas magma troopers quelled rebellions on volcanic mining worlds. Lava troopers wore black armor with purple respiratory tubes and defended Fortress Vader on Mustafar. The extent of ability and coaching required to battle in volcanic environments made every stormtrooper variant a grave menace.

13 Mortar Stormtroopers

The Mandalorian

Mortar Stormtroopers

Mortar stormtroopers had been artillery troopers who specialised in oblique hearth weapons, together with the Mannequin 201 mortar system from which they obtained their identify. Their use of explosives made them a severe menace, as a single payload might destroy a number of opponents. Nevertheless, the mortar troopers needed to stay in place to arrange heavy weapons, making them susceptible when the weapon wasn’t being fired.

12 Rocket Stormtroopers

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

Rocket stormtrooper from Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order.

Like mortar stormtroopers, rocket stormtroopers specialised in heavy weaponry that might be fired from a distance. Rocket stormtroopers bought their identify from the RPS-6 rocket launcher that might hearth missiles at buildings and autos. Their potential to hold missile launchers on their shoulders made them extra cellular and fewer susceptible to assault than mortar stormtroopers.

11 Jumptroopers

Star Wars Battlefront II (2017)

Star Wars jumptrooper

Imperial Jumptroopers wore jetpacks that allow them fly over partitions and different boundaries to assault enemies throughout battle. Jumptrooper variants might adapt to totally different environments, permitting them an aerial benefit in any planetary local weather. Their most obtrusive drawback was being helpless if their jetpacks had been broken in battle, which might trigger them to spin uncontrolled and crash.

10 Flametroopers & Incinerator Troopers

The Mandalorian / Star Wars: Card Dealer

The Mandalorian

Flametroopers and incinerator troopers carried lethal flamethrower weaponry, burning complete villages to the bottom in a matter of minutes. They had been thought to be one of the crucial devastating stormtrooper variants, making them the best menace of all of the stormtroopers who specialised in particular heavy weaponry. Like crimson, magma, and lava troopers, they wore particular heat-resistant armor, and their connected black backpacks ensured a heavy payload.

9 Night time Troopers


The undead Night Troopers of Grand Admiral Thrawn in Ahsoka.

Grand Admiral Thrawn’s Night time Troopers spent nearly ten years in exile on Peridea, hardening themselves to outlive and creating absolute loyalty to Thrawn. Like most stormtroopers, they had been no match for 2 absolutely skilled Jedi and a Mandalorian, however that they had a major benefit that may allow them to overwhelm their enemies. Nightsister magic might carry Night time Troopers again from the useless and provides them unnatural ranges of persistence, granting Thrawn a military for his invasion of the galaxy that could not be killed.

8 Imperial Shock Troopers

Star Wars Battlefront II (2017)

Imperial shock troopers

Imperial shock troopers acted as safety for Emperor Palpatine on Coruscant however might additionally function elite troopers in fight. Their purple armor got here geared up with spaulders, shin guards, utility belts, and specialised heavy weaponry. Solely essentially the most fearsome stormtroopers can be trusted to protect the ruler of the Galactic Empire.

7 Demise Troopers

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

The appropriately named Demise Troopers debuted in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story as extremely skilled bodyguards for high-ranking Imperial officers and members of the Tarkin initiative. Their helmets contained vocal scramblers, micro-motion sensors, and a heads-up show with battlefield information. Just like the shock troopers, their superior coaching in unarmed fight, heavy weapons, and demolitions meant they might flip the tide on the entrance strains.

6 Sith Troopers

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

Whereas the white-armored stormtroopers served the First Order, the red-armored Sith troopers had been the elite troopers of Palpatine’s Sith Everlasting. Sith troopers had been much more lethal than First Order stormtroopers, raised on Exegol to defend Palpatine as his followers ready to unleash the Remaining Order on the galaxy. Their purple armor was quadruple-layered and extremely impact-resistant, whereas their helmet’s focusing on sensors gave them a bonus in the dead of night, smoke-covered circumstances of Exegol. Sith troopers had been the fruits of 5 many years’ value of stormtrooper refinement.

5 Purge Troopers

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

The Second Sister flanked by Purge Troopers in Jedi Fallen Order

Purge troopers answered on to the Imperial Inquisitors tasked with looking down surviving Jedi and different Pressure sensitives. They had been used as particular forces and loss of life squads, killing Jedi and any bystanders who would defend them, and a few had been geared up with electrostaffs. The purge troopers’ mission and talent to battle alongside the Inquisitors made them one of the crucial ruthless stormtrooper variants.


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