Every Secret Invasion Episode 6 MCU Easter Egg & Reference

Every Secret Invasion Episode 6 MCU Easter Egg & Reference

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Warning! This text incorporates spoilers for Secret Invasion episode 6.Secret Invasion episode 6 capped off the battle between Fury and Gravik, all whereas presenting a wide range of MCU Easter eggs and references alongside the way in which. The episode picks up straight from the place Secret Invasion episode 5 left off, with Fury touring to Russia to confront Gravik on the Skrull compound. Nevertheless, as was the case for the previous 5 episodes, Secret Invasion episode 6 included a number of twists and turns within the MCU Disney+ present’s last installment.



From the switch-out between Fury and G’iah halfway by way of the episode to the decision of Rhodey’s Skrull impostor, Secret Invasion episode 6 continued the present’s development of throwing curveballs concerning the story and MCU formulation, contemplating Secret Invasion has no post-credit scene. Equally, the identical could be stated for Secret Invasion‘s MCU Easter eggs, arguably probably the most prevalent within the present’s last outing than some other episode. With that stated, right here is each reference, Easter egg, and hyperlink to different MCU properties present in Secret Invasion episode 6.

15 Secret Invasion Episode 6 Modifications A Nick Fury Trailer Shot

In Secret Invasion episode 6, Fury – secretly G’iah in disguise – confronts Gravik at New Skrullos, strolling into the chamber housing the Tremendous Skrull machine for his or her last stand. Upon coming into, G’iah sells her Fury impersonation by exhibiting the consequences of radiation on a human. The shot of “Fury” strolling into the chamber reveals him stumbling and coughing, feeling the pressure of the radiation from round New Skrullos whereas additionally being a Secret Invasion Easter egg from the present’s official chamber.

The Easter egg comes as this shot can be proven in Secret Invasion‘s official trailer, although in a really totally different means. The trailer presents Fury coming into the chamber as a way more heroic shot, with the superspy stoically strolling into the room to confront his enemy. The shot is notably totally different from the way it was introduced in Secret Invasion episode 6, persevering with Marvel Studios’ tendency to vary trailers in a bid to not give away story particulars.

14 Secret Invasion Episode 6 Reveals Fury’s Ideas On The Blip

Through the confrontation between “Fury” and Gravik, the previous reveals what he was considering as he was being dusted by Thanos in Avengers: Infinity Struggle. Whereas the Fury within the episode is definitely G’iah in disguise, it’s doubtless this revelation is true, and he or she was instructed this by Fury with the intention to promote her impersonation of him. It’s revealed that Fury felt reduction as he was disappearing, reduction that he not has to struggle and eventually has a means out.

13 Each Pattern Of Avengers DNA The Skrulls Have In Secret Invasion Episode 6

With Secret Invasion episode 6 centering on Fury delivering the Harvest to Gravik, the collection lastly confirms each pattern of Avengers DNA the latter possesses. It was additionally revealed in Secret Invasion episode 6 that the Harvest is particularly Carol Danvers’ DNA, which Gravik took from Fury. Other than this although, it’s clear the Skrulls have been exhausting at work since Avengers: Endgame given what number of samples they have already got.

As Gravik boots up his Tremendous Skrull machine, a pc display screen highlights each single superhero he has DNA from. The primary is Ghost, the antagonist of Ant-Man and the Wasp who can part by way of strong matter and can seem in 2024’s Thunderbolts. The following is Captain America, following on from Fury’s phrases in Secret Invasion episode 5 that each Avenger spilled blood through the Battle of Earth. Gravik additionally possesses DNA samples from each member of the Black Order/Thanos’ youngsters: Cull Obsidian, Corvus Glaive, Ebony Maw, and Proxima Midnight.

Equally, Gravik even has a DNA pattern from Thanos, alongside different minions of the Mad Titan just like the Outriders and the Chitauri. Different heroes that present up on Gravik’s machine are Abomination, Mantis, Drax, Korg, Hulk, Valkyrie, Thor, Gamora, and Bucky Barnes. Now full with Captain Marvel’s DNA, the Tremendous Skrull kind is without doubt one of the extra formidable beings in your complete MCU thanks to those heroes and villains whose skills it now possesses.

12 Hulk’s Energy Is Showcased In Secret Invasion Episode 6’s Battle

After the Avengers’ DNA is proven in Secret Invasion episode 6, Gravik imbues him and G’iah – albeit unwittingly – with these skills. This causes Secret Invasion‘s last battle to incorporate a number of MCU Easter eggs regarding different superhero powers being on show, starting with Hulk. Gravik’s kind bodily adjustments after utilizing the machine, turning into a way more muscular, well-built Skrull. This physique and the inexperienced hue of Skrulls emulate the Hulk, with Gravik and G’iah each exhibiting comparable power to Marvel’s inexperienced Avenger.

11 Abomination’s Design Is Utilized In Secret Invasion Episode 6

Simply as Gravik possesses the facility of the Hulk in Secret Invasion episode 6, he additionally reveals his similarities to Abomination. At one level within the struggle with G’iah, Gravik’s arm transforms. This transformation sees him use the arm of the Abomination in opposition to G’iah in the identical means he utilized Hulk’s powers earlier.

10 G’iah Makes use of Drax’s Arm In Secret Invasion Episode 6

One other MCU Easter egg comes from the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise. After Gravik makes use of Abomination’s arm in opposition to G’iah, the newly-made Tremendous Skrull makes use of the arm of Drax the Destroyer. G’iah transforms her left arm into Drax’s, earlier than charging at Gravik and using one other MCU hero’s energy.

9 Ghost’s Phasing Skills Are Used In Secret Invasion Episode 6

As G’iah rushes Gravik, the latter’s new power permits him to throw a automobile on the former. G’iah then makes use of one other of her new skills, that being the phasing of Ghost from Ant-Man and the Wasp. G’iah phases by way of the automobile hurtling in direction of her, permitting her to battle Gravik in shut quarters.

8 Thor’s Korg & Frost Beast Obtain Secret Invasion Episode 6 Easter Eggs

After avoiding the automobile thrown at her, G’iah transforms her arms as soon as once more. This time, G’iah’s left arm shape-shifts into the type of Korg, emulating the rocky design proven by the Kronan warrior within the MCU. Gravik matches this, with each Tremendous Skrulls utilizing Korg’s energy through the struggle. G’iah’s different arm varieties into an icy spike which pays off the reveal that the Skrulls stole the DNA of a Jotunheim-based creature from Thor: The Darkish World.

7 Gravik Makes use of The Energy Of Ebony Maw From Avengers: Infinity Struggle

Simply as G’iah appears to be gaining the higher hand within the struggle in opposition to Gravik, the latter shape-shifts as soon as once more. His Groot arm adjustments into the skinnier, paler arm of Ebony Maw, Thanos’ telekinetic servant from Avengers: Infinity Struggle. Gravik makes use of the powers of Ebony Maw to throw rocks at G’iah and slam her into an overhanging steel construction.

6 Secret Invasion Epsiode 6 Makes use of A Captain America: Civil Struggle Location

Whereas Gravik and G’iah battle in Russia, Fury and Sonya Falsworth try to cease President Ritson from nuking New Skrullos. As they’re making an attempt to persuade Ritson of Rhodey’s deceit and name off the assault, the warhead is proven being deployed from a bunker. This bunker seems nearly an identical to the placement from the ultimate struggle of Captain America: Civil Struggle between Captain America, Bucky, and Iron Man. From the deep gap within the floor and the sliding door on the prime to the steel gratings lining the within, the placement in Secret Invasion episode 6 brings to thoughts the identical construction Bucky climbed to flee Iron Man’s vengeance.

5 The Powers Of Captain Marvel Are Lastly Used In Secret Invasion Episode 6

One of many greatest questions all through Secret Invasion is why Captain Marvel doesn’t assist Fury’s struggle in opposition to the Skrulls. In true Secret Invasion trend, Carol Danvers’ powers are lastly used, albeit with a twist by way of G’iah and Gravik. After battling hand-to-hand, the duo takes to the skies surrounded by Captain Marvel’s mild vitality, utilizing one of the vital formidable Avengers’ powers in opposition to one another.

4 G’iah Makes use of Mantis’ Empathy Powers On Gravik

As Gravik begins to overpower G’iah throughout their Captain Marvel-esque struggle, the latter makes use of one other member of the Guardians of the Galaxy’s powers. G’iah begins to develop Mantis’ antenna on her head, earlier than placing Gravik to sleep. This marks the fourth Guardians of the Galaxy Easter egg in Secret Invasion episode 6 after Groot and Drax’s powers have been used and Gamora’s title confirmed up on Gravik’s pc.

3 Secret Invasion Episode 6 Hints At Captain America: Courageous New World’s President Ross

After saving President Ritson from the Skrulls, the U.S. chief makes the disturbingly life like option to declare battle on any Skrulls within the galaxy quite than solely Gravik’s insurgents. Fury calls Ritson to voice his distaste at this alternative, stating “That is actual one-term-President stuff.” This hints at Ritson not being elected for workplace once more after his present time period is over, one thing that ties into Captain America: Courageous New World. It was revealed previous to Secret Invasion that Harrison Ford’s Thunderbolt Ross would be the President of the united statesA. in Captain America 4, with Secret Invasion episode 6 setting this up.

2 Secret Invasion Episode 6 Could Embrace Evan Pieter’s Quicksilver From WandaVision

Towards the top of Secret Invasion episode 6, Sonya reveals a secret location the place hundreds extra people are being stored by the Skrulls, hitting at extra of Gravik’s insurgents being energetic. Sonya reveals the face of certainly one of these people, which seems suspiciously like Evan Pieter’s Quicksilver/Ralph Bohner from WandaVision. Whereas not confirmed as such, loads of MCU followers appear to suppose Evan Pieters’ Quicksilver has a Secret Invasion-associated function to play sooner or later…

1 Secret Invasion Episode 6 References Captain Marvel’s Skrull-Kree Struggle

Within the last scene of Secret Invasion episode 6, Fury and his spouse return to area. Through the scene, Fury mentions that the Kree are open to peace talks with the Skrulls. It is a reference to Captain Marvel, because the plot of that film surrounded the battle between the Kree and the Skrulls. Lastly, after over three a long time within the MCU, the Kree could also be searching for peace with the Skrulls, although hints from The Marvels‘ trailer appear to point this peace is not going to final. Regardless, this line from Secret Invasion episode 6 means doubtlessly huge issues for the Skrulls, and the way forward for the MCU in The Marvels.

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