Every Avatar Character Who Returns In The Way Of Water


Avatar: The Approach of Water took over a decade to reach, bringing with it loads of new characters alongside some coming back from the unique Avatar.

Warning! This text incorporates spoilers for Avatar: The Approach of Water.

Avatar: The Approach of Water is lastly in theaters and options many returning characters from the primary movie. Avatar 2 picks up over a decade after the occasions of the primary movie and options the return of the “sky folks” to Pandora to complete what they began. Given the deal with the Na’vi’s rekindled battle with the people, the movie naturally contains among the identical characters from the primary movie.

Nonetheless, Avatar: The Approach of Water additionally works to usher in a brand new guard for the Avatar franchise who will probably characteristic within the three extra sequels James Cameron has deliberate. From the Na’vi of the Metkayina clan, who’re central to Avatar 2’s ocean-based atmosphere, to Jake and Neytiri’s youngsters, Avatar: The Approach of Water options many a brand new character. That being stated, right here is each character a part of Avatar 2 that returns from the primary movie.

Jake Sully

Naturally, the primary character of 2009’s Avatar returns for the sequel. Within the first movie, Sully – performed by Sam Worthington – was a part of the human expedition to Pandora, and took the place of his deceased brother as an avatar in an effort to acquire the belief of the Na’vi. Nonetheless, Jake shortly fell in love with Pandora, its tradition, and its folks. After bonding for all times with Neytiri, Jake grew to become Toruk Makto, an nearly legendary determine among the many Na’vi, and led his newfound folks to warfare, driving the people off-world and again to Earth.

Avatar: The Approach of Water’s timeline locations it round 14 years after this, and begins with Jake dwelling in peace and happiness with Neytiri and their household. When the people return to Pandora although, Jake’s lifetime of peace as soon as once more turns into a warfare for the Na’vi’s lifestyle. This leads Jake to hunt the help of the Metkayina, as the one factor that issues to him now could be protecting his household protected.


Additionally returning for Avatar 2 is Neytiri (Zoe Saldana), who can also be having fun with her household life with Jake at first of the movie. The primary movie noticed Neytiri induct Jake into the Na’vi and train him her folks’s methods. By this reference to Jake, Neytiri – whose youngsters are a giant a part of Avatar 2 – was instrumental in his abandonment of the people and becoming a member of of the Na’vi for good. Neytiri was one of many central characters of the primary Avatar and naturally returns alongside Jake to battle for her new household.

In Avatar: The Approach of Water, the movie opens with Neytiri aiding Jake and the Omaticaya within the warfare towards the returned people. Nonetheless, when Jake suggests shifting him, Neytiri, and their household away from the Omaticaya and in the direction of the folks of the Metkayina, Neytiri disagrees and says they need to keep and battle for his or her dwelling. Whereas she disagrees with the selection, Neytiri finally agrees for the protection of her household. This places Neytiri on a path much like Jake’s, in that each of them be taught what should be achieved to guard those they love.

Colonel Miles Quaritch

In 2009’s Avatar, Quaritch – who returns as a Na’vi for Avatar 2 – is performed by Stephen Lang, and is the colonel accountable for the RDA’s safety drive. Resulting from his disregard for any life not thought-about human, Quaritch confirmed a profound disliking of all natives of Pandora, from Na’vi to wildlife. As the top of the RDA’s safety drive, Quaritch was accountable for almost all of atrocities dedicated towards the Na’vi within the first movie, together with the destruction of Residence Tree and the assault on the Tree of Souls. On the finish of the primary movie, Quaritch is killed by Neytiri in a battle towards her and Jake.

Regardless of Quaritch’s dying, Stephen Lang returns because the character in Avatar: The Approach of Water. It’s revealed at first of Avatar 2 that Quaritch, and different marines a part of his safety drive, had Avatar clones created again on Earth. Earlier than the assault on the Tree of Souls on the finish of the primary movie, Quaritch and the opposite marines had their recollections and consciousness’ implanted of their Avatar clones. These Avatars grew to become referred to as Recombinants and allowed Quaritch to return to Pandora to complete what he began and reignite his rivalry with Jake and Neytiri.

Grace Augustine

One other shock return to the franchise was Sigourney Weaver’s Grace Augustine, who additionally died throughout the occasions of the primary movie. Nonetheless, it was revealed at first of Avatar: The Approach of Water that Grace’s Avatar physique was miraculously pregnant, birthing a baby named Kiri. Kiri, additionally performed by Weaver, was adopted by Jake and Neytiri and raised as considered one of their very own. Whereas Kiri is the primary approach Weaver returns within the sequel, Grace – technically Kiri’s mom in Avatar 2 – can also be current in varied scenes. From video logs recorded throughout the occasions of the primary movie to a religious scene with Kiri, Weaver performed Grace in her human type as soon as once more, albeit in not as large a task as Avatar.

Norm Spellman & Max Patel

Two different characters that return in The Approach of Water from the primary movie are Norm Spellman and Max Patel, performed by Joel David Moore and Dileep Rao respectively. Within the first movie, each Norm and Max have been a part of the RDA’s Avatar program and have become fast buddies with Jake. Norm and Max, like Jake, discovered an affinity for the Na’vi methods of life and sided with Jake, the Na’vi, and the Omaticaya within the rebellion towards the people.

In Avatar: The Approach of Water, Norm and Max play considerably smaller roles than within the first movie. On the finish of Avatar, the duo was allowed to remain on Pandora whereas the remainder of the people returned to Earth. Max and Norm run a small colony on Pandora and stay in concord with the Omaticaya.

Corporal Lyle Wainfleet

One other villainous character to return for Avatar 2 is Lyle Wainfleet, performed by Matt Gerald. Within the first movie, Wainfleet was a part of Quaritch’s safety drive and confirmed the same disregard for the planet of Pandora as his Colonel. On the finish of Avatar, Wainfleet led the bottom assault on the Tree of Souls and was killed by hammerhead titanothere when Eywa referred to as on the creatures of Pandora to help the Na’vi of their battle towards the RDA. Like Quaritch, Wainfleet’s recollections have been captured and transferred into an Avatar physique on Earth, and Wainfleet returned to Pandora as a Recombinant alongside his former Colonel.

Mo’at & Parker Selfridge

The ultimate two returning characters for Avatar: The Approach of Water are Mo’at and Parker Selfridge, performed by CCH Pounder and Giovanni Ribisi respectively. Not like the opposite characters on this record, Mo’at and Parker have minimal roles within the sequel. Mo’at, the mom of Neytiri and the Omaticaya clan’s Tsahik/religious chief, is simply briefly seen in a single scene through which Neytiri births her and Jake’s eldest son. Equally, Parker is simply seen in a single sequence when Quaritch is explaining the reminiscence planting course of to his future Recombinant. Regardless of having small roles, they’re the final two characters in Avatar: The Approach of Water that returned from 2009’s authentic film.

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