Doctor Strange’s Creepiest Power is Straight Out of Chucky

Doctor Strange’s Creepiest Power is Straight Out of Chucky


  • Physician Unusual reveals his creepy new magic trick: speaking by way of dolls, very like Chucky from the horror franchise.
  • Unusual items dolls (Captain America’s phrase, Unusual refers to them as “collectible figurines”) to his allies, which he can astral tasks his consciousness into, permitting him to be a marketing consultant even when not bodily current.
  • This bizarre new skill proves to be extremely helpful for Physician Unusual, as he may be in a number of locations directly, and help heroes from a distance, even whereas combating his personal battles.

Warning: Spoilers for Captain America #3!

Taking a web page out of Chucky the killer doll’s playbook, Physician Unusual reveals off his creepiest magic trick. The Chucky franchise featues killer who makes use of magic to switch his soul right into a toy. Because the franchise has advanced, so have Chucky’s magic abilities, as he realized how unfold his soul throughout a number of toys directly – a trick Physician Unusual just lately revealed is in his repetoire as properly.

Captain America #3 – by J. Michael Straczynski, Jesus Saiz, Lan Medina, Matt Hollingsworth, and VC’s Joe Caramagna – depicts Unusual’s creepy new type of talk. When Strahge cannot bodily be there for Captain America when he wants him, he reveals up for Cap in a wholly new, sudden approach: speaking to him by way of dolls.

Even Steve Rogers has to confess simply how bizarre the notion is, however in concept, it is among the most helpful spells that Physician Unusual might ever be taught. It might even show to proceed to be extremely helpful for the nice physician sooner or later.

Physician Unusual Can Be In A number of Locations at As soon as

panels from Captain America #3, Doctor Strange talks to Captain America as a doll

Brooklyn has a serial killer drawback as Henry Cavenaugh – somebody with 14 our bodies alone beneath his home – has been recruited by the demon Asmoday by way of his vessel, Travis Lane. To debate the continued native murders, Captain America agrees to go to Brooklyn Heights, close to the waterfront, to satisfy with Misty Knight of the Aberrant Crimes Division. They focus on potential theories, together with the potential of rogue A.I.M. scientists being concerned, or how darkish forces may very well be at play. With neither being an knowledgeable on darkish forces, Misty calls in a mutual buddy with magical experise for his perspective: Physician Unusual.

Unusual has his fingers full with different issues in the mean time and cannot be in a number of locations directly, not in his bodily kind no less than. As a substitute, Unusual manifests himself in a special – and presumably unnerving – kind. Captain America #3 reveals that Unusual has gifted forty-seven dolls (collectible figurines as Unusual calls them) to his most trusted allies world wide, which he is ready to astral venture his consciousness into. This permits him to be a marketing consultant for heroes even when preoccupied together with his personal battles, taking part in a supporting function from a distance in vital moments, regardless of not being there as a cloth ally.

The Weirdest Evolution Of Physician Unusual To Date

panel from Captain America #3, Doctor Strange explains his doll form to Captain America

Of all of the spells that Physician Unusual has utilized over time, this can be his weirdest date – although concurrently his most helpful as properly. At the moment within the Marvel Universe, Unusual has been more and more busy, together with coming into contact together with his personal kryptonite in his ongoing collection and serving to Blade face an enemy immune to his personal Time Stone capabilities. As a lot as he needs to bodily find time for Captain America, he simply cannot, however inserting himself into a number of dolls by the use of astral projection is Physician Unusual’s finest guess to be in two locations directly.

Captain America #3 is on sale now from Marvel.


Cover for Captain America #3
  • Author: J. Michael Straczynski
  • Artists: Lan Medina &Jesús Saíz
  • Colorist: Matt Hollingsworth
  • Letterer: Joe Caramagna
  • Cowl Artist: Jesús Saíz


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