Disney’s Percy Jackson Has To Fix A Major Movie Mistake


Disney’s upcoming adaptation of Percy Jackson and the Olympians should repair one main ingredient from the movie diversifications to be devoted to the books.

The upcoming Disney+ adaptation of Percy Jackson and the Olympians should repair one main ingredient from the movie diversifications. Fixing this facet of the movies wouldn’t solely make the TV sequence extra just like the books they’re adapting however would higher profit the characters of the present. Nevertheless, with Rick Riordan concerned within the sequence – the writer of the books – it’s probably that the Disney+ present will repair these points.

The film sequence started in 2010 with Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief and starred Logan Lerman within the titular position, with Walker Scobell taking on for the Disney+ sequence. Whereas the primary movie was pleasurable sufficient, the most important downside with each it and its sequel was the shortage of constancy to the books. This was largely via an entire mischaracterization of loads of the facets of the Percy Jackson books from its central trio, to different godly youngsters, and Camp Half-Blood itself, which the Disney+ adaptation sorely wants to repair.

Percy Jackson Wants To Higher Adapt The Ebook’s Central Trio

The central trio of Percy Jackson, Annabeth Chase, and Grover Underwood had been performed by Logan Lerman, Alexandra Daddario, and Brandon T. Jackson respectively within the two twentieth Century Fox Percy Jackson movies. Whereas every of the actors carried out the characters they had been introduced with very properly, it was within the script that the movie misunderstood the characters. Starting with the primary character, Percy, the ebook introduces him as a really short-tempered, offended, troubled boy resulting from his dyslexia and ADHD. Oftentimes Percy is proven in fights with bullies, being expelled from colleges, and largely stepping into bother – issues the movies ignored, creating an enormous challenge for Fox’s Percy Jackson films.

Regardless of these tendencies, Percy was typically proven to be very kind-hearted and constant which made him an engrossing character within the books. With the movies ignoring these facets, his character lacked an interesting arc. Secondly, arguably essentially the most drastic change from ebook to movie was that of Grover. Within the books, Grover is a shy, timid, character with many fears. His character undergoes a change all through the ebook sequence, turning right into a extra heroic character. Nevertheless, Jackson’s model of Grover was a charismatic, outgoing, ladies-man character, which was an enormous mischaracterization.

Whereas Annabeth’s adjustments weren’t as drastic, many ebook components had been neglected of the movies. One among these components was one of many extra humanizing facets of Annabeth’s character. Annabeth was described as a really headstrong, cussed, and even judgmental individual upon Percy’s first assembly together with her. Nevertheless, the Percy Jackson film neglected some of the humanizing scenes for Annabeth, by which she freezes with concern of mechanical spiders, revealing an essential plot level that every one youngsters of Athena concern the arachnids. That is the primary scene by which she and Percy really bond and begins Annabeth’s technique of opening as much as her buddies.

Apart from this, the film additionally neglected iconic facets of Annabeth’s weaponry. One factor was her New York Yankees cap that enables her to show invisible, which was notably absent from the movies. One other was her bronze knife, which holds nice sentimental worth to Annabeth and finally ends up being very important to the sequence’ overarching story. All of these items, for all three characters, are methods Disney+ might higher adapt its primary trio, which is able to probably occur due to Rick Riordan’s involvement within the Percy Jackson present.

Disney+’s Percy Jackson Wants Extra Of A Focus On Different Godly Kids

One other ingredient that Disney+’s Percy Jackson wants to alter from the flicks is the shortage of give attention to the opposite youngsters of Camp Half-Blood. Outdoors of Percy, Annabeth, and Grover, the movies are devoid of growth for another campers in Camp Half-Blood aside from Luke Castellan. Whereas Luke is arguably an important character within the sequence outdoors the central trio, there are many different characters which have very important roles to play sooner or later.

One among them is Clarisse La Rue, a daughter of Ares from Camp Half-Blood who clashes with Percy. Whereas Clarisse was launched within the second movie of Fox’s sequence, she was once more mischaracterized like the remainder of the franchise’s characters. One factor that the Disney+ Percy Jackson sequence might do is introduce characters very important within the latter books of the sequence, such because the Hermes twins Connor and Travis, Aphrodite’s daughter Silena Beauregard, Charles Beckendorf – son of Hephaestus – and Will Solace, son of Apollo, to call however a couple of.

Whereas there are definitely extra characters much like these talked about that may very well be established early, one of many extra very important is Thalia Grace, daughter of Zeus. Thalia finally ends up being very important to the story of the ebook sequence, and her intriguing story is ready up within the first ebook. Whereas the second movie in Fox’s sequence did embody this story, it was barely modified from the books and was not foreshadowed within the first in any respect. That is one other means Disney+ can repair the Percy Jackson films’ errors of their characterization, by higher specializing in the opposite demigods of Camp Half-Blood, one thing that TV’s longer-form storytelling might permit.

The Percy Jackson Present Wants To Make Camp Half-Blood Extra Outstanding

Lastly, one of many final facets that Disney wants to enhance when it comes to characterization is the present’s setting. Equally to Hogwarts within the Harry Potter sequence, Camp Half-Blood felt like its personal character. There have been loads of completely different lore-filled facets of the camp, from characters to places and buildings that weren’t showcased within the authentic Percy Jackson movies. From the creatures of the camp’s varied places, such because the woods, the lake, and even the camps attendants, to the magical components just like the central fireside, the amphitheater, and the eating pavilion, Camp Half-Blood was barely developed within the Fox film sequence.

All of these items went far sufficient to make Camp Half-Blood really feel lived in and like its personal character of the books, akin to Harry Potter’s Hogwarts and its homes. Nevertheless, no facet did this greater than the cabins of Camp Half-Blood, with each receiving an in depth description of how they exemplified their godly counterpart. This was one other ingredient sorely missing from the movies that may be expanded upon within the present, and really show that Percy Jackson and the Olympians on Disney+ can repair the obvious points relating to characterization that plagued the unique movie diversifications.


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