Claim To Fame Season 2 Episode 5: Prediction & Clues (Spoilers)

Claim To Fame Season 2 Episode 5: Prediction & Clues (Spoilers)


  • In episode 5 of Declare to Fame season 2, Gabriel earned immunity and selected Monay’s Wine Room puzzle clue because the captain of the successful staff. Additionally they acquired further clues from the problem and up to date clues from the Clue Wall.
  • Carly, Chris, Cole, Gabriel, and Hugo all revealed clues about their movie star kin all through the episodes. Carly turned out to be associated to Tom Hanks, Chris to Donny Osmond, Cole to Alicia Keys, Gabriel to a Nickelodeon star, and Hugo to a former President of america.
  • The contestants used the Clue Wall and their abilities to piece collectively the id of the movie star kin. Some clues had been deceptive, however in the end they had been capable of make correct guesses, resulting in the elimination of contestants.

Declare to Fame season 2 brings collectively 12 A-list movie star kin who’re hiding their identities from one another to win a $100,000 prize, however there are numerous clues to assist determine who they are surely. Hosted by Kevin and Franklin Jonas, the fact competitors collection premiered final yr, to nice acclaim. The Declare to Fame season 1 winner was Keke Palmer’s sister, Loreal Chanel Palmer, whereas the runner-up was Jason Aldean’s cousin, Logan Crosby. Third-place finisher Pepper Martin was Dean Martin’s granddaughter.

In Declare to Fame season 2 episode 5, the contestants participated within the basic recreation of phone. The 2 units of staff members needed to repeat limericks to one another with a purpose to accurately determine objects. Because the captain of the successful staff, Gabriel earned immunity and selected Monay’s Wine Room puzzle clue. The successful staff additionally acquired copies of the limericks from the problem, which gave them all the clues. Along with these clues, the Clue Wall was up to date for the second half of Declare to Fame season 2. Nonetheless, some clues had been completely meaningless.

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12 Carly

In the course of the Declare to Fame episode 1, Two Truths and a Lie section, Carly revealed that her movie star relative was her uncle, who’s a musician who gained an Oscar. In her confessional, she admitted that he’s one of many largest actors in Hollywood, who’s had a protracted profession because the Nineteen Eighties. When the contestants first seen the Clue Wall, Carly was nervous as a result of there was a mannequin of a bench that seemed precisely just like the one from Forrest Gump. The contestants guessed Tom Hanks. Chris later related the astronaut on the wall to Tom’s film, Apollo 13, however Carly mentioned it could possibly be a Buzz Aldrin clue.

In the course of the expertise present, Carly went all out and sang, rapped, and danced to an authentic tune she wrote. Within the lyrics, she talked about that her movie star relative has been on TV, on Broadway, and in magazines. She mentioned to take a look at her and her expertise as a result of, “it is a trace totally free.” On the finish of the efficiency, she even twerked. Chris mentioned that Carly reminded him of Jim Carrey. Gabriel thought her relative was utterly fearless like her. J.R. predicted Carly’s relative could be a comic as a result of she’s humorous.

Later within the episode, Chris mentioned in his confessional that he seen Carly deflected when Tom Hanks was introduced up. Carly informed him that Tom could be too large and straightforward of a guess. Chris then informed the digicam, “Tom Hanks could also be too well-known for this home, however his movie star relative is not.” Hugo additionally seen Carly’s response to Tom’s identify. Due to this, when he was chosen to be the guesser, Hugo accurately guessed that she was associated to Tom. Carly was revealed to be Tom Hanks’ niece. She was upset she was eradicated, and screamed that her clues had been too apparent.

11 Chris

Claim to Fame - Chris promotional photo

Chris shared that his movie star relative acquired a star on the Hollywood Stroll of Fame. In the course of the Declare to Fame expertise present, he revealed that singing’s his most important expertise, which can be true of his member of the family, who’s a singer. He added that he appears so much like him, and even sings like him. Chris sang and performed guitar very effectively, however Carly thought he selected that as his expertise to throw everybody off. Jane mentioned that Chris’ eyes seemed like John Mayer’s, and Monay agreed. Monay and Hugo had been satisfied that Chris was associated to Nicolas Cage.

In Declare to Fame season 2, episode 2, Chris revealed that his movie star relative was large within the Nineteen Seventies. After Monay gained the problem, she pulled Chris’ Wine Room puzzle clue, which contained a pet, a coronary heart, a t-shirt, the letter “N,” a watch, a doll, the image for the phrase “in,” after which seven extra t-shirt clues. They could possibly be deciphered as “Pet Love Teen Idol In The Seventies.” These clues level to singer Donny Osmond, who Chris resembles. “Pet Love” was successful tune for Donny within the Nineteen Seventies. Jane finally incorrectly interpreted the clues, and guessed that Chris was associated to Elvis Presley. She was subsequently eradicated.

In episode 5, the contestants began to consider that Chris was associated to Jim Carrey, however they had been on the improper observe. They used the brand new Clue Wall clues to persuade themselves that this was proper. Within the episode 5 phone problem, Chris revealed that the limerick line, “promoted the place betting is authorized,” was his clue as a result of his movie star relative has carried out in Las Vegas for over 13 years. That is one other affirmation that Chris is expounded to Donny.

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10 Cole

Claim to Fame - Cole promotional photo

There weren’t many clues revealed about Cole on Declare to Fame season 2, episode 1. He shared that his movie star relative’s his father. For his expertise, Chris spray-painted a canvas with the phrase, “love.” In episode 2, Cole revealed that his household goes on snowboarding journeys on a regular basis. In the course of the episode 4 statue problem, Cole thought that the large piece of cheese could be his clue.

After Shayne’s episode 4 elimination, Monay revealed in her confessional that she and Shayne had been piecing collectively Cole’s clues. They used the Clue Wall’s diary and piano, and the truth that his relative could be a Grammy-winning musician to make a guess. Though Declare to Fame did not reveal who they thought his movie star relative was, the clues level to singer Alicia Keys, who has a tune referred to as “Diary” from her hit album The Diary of Alicia Keys. The piano keys could possibly be a clue to her final identify.

In episode 5, a web page of sheet music was added to the Clue Wall, which confirmed to Monay that she was proper about Cole being associated to Alicia. She even thought that he seemed like her. Within the episode 5 phone problem, one of many limericks mentioned, “he keyed a couple of bars,” which additionally referenced Alicia. Later within the episode, Monay revealed that Cole had mentioned that he had an ex-girlfriend who lives in London. She and Shayne knew that Alicia’s half brother had dated British actress Emma Watson. Ultimately, Karsyn guessed Cole’s id accurately, and he was revealed to be Alicia’s half brother.

9 Gabriel

Claim to Fame - Gabriel promotional photo

Throughout Two Truths and a Lie, Gabriel informed his fellow contestants that his movie star relative’s his brother. He mentioned he is an athlete, and posed just like the Heisman trophy, which is a school soccer award. He additionally shared that his relative’s gained an NAACP Award. In Gabriel’s confessional, he mentioned he lied about his movie star relative being an athlete. He added that this was the one time in his life that wanting nothing like his movie star relative was going to work in his favor. In the course of the expertise present, earlier than Gabriel rapped, he informed the cameras that he was excited to carry out as a result of he hadn’t in years.

In Declare to Fame season 2, episode 2, Gabriel got here in final place in spherical one of many competitors. Due to this fact, a clue was revealed about him, which was the place his movie star relative was born. Gabriel’s relative’s birthplace is San Diego, California. Cole mentioned that he a hundred percent knew that Gabriel’s brother was in sports activities. In episode 3, Gabriel revealed that his movie star relative had purchased bracelets as Valentine’s Day presents for 4 totally different girls he was courting on the identical time.

In episode 3, Gabriel had three clues revealed about him after his staff misplaced the problem. His headshot was enhanced with particulars, together with a pink and yellow star (which the contestants interpreted to imply Dallas), a pair of drumsticks, and a propeller hat. Hugo guessed that Gabriel’s relative could be a member of the Dallas Cowboys soccer staff.

Throughout Declare to Fame episode 4, Gabriel’s teammates guessed the burger statue accurately. He mentioned in his confessional that it could be his clue as a result of it might signify Good Burger, the film with Keenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell. Gabriel revealed to the viewers that his brother was on Nickelodeon with Keenan and Kel.

8 Hugo

Hugo’s Two Truths and a Lie had been that his movie star relative is his grandfather, an athlete who gained a Nobel Prize. In his confessional, he admitted that he lied about him being an athlete. He shared that, at one level, his grandfather was essentially the most highly effective man on the planet. This most probably implies that Hugo is the grandson of a former President of america. Hugo described himself as being very sensible. He is an engineer, finding out each electro-engineering and math.

For Hugo’s expertise, he needed to proceed his technique of constructing himself look extra athletic, so individuals would consider that his grandfather is an athlete. Due to this fact, he lifted weights. Nonetheless, Carly instantly mentioned to the others, “He is not an athlete.” Carly and Chris thought that possibly Hugo was associated to Buzz Aldrin as a result of there was an astronaut clue, and a bee for Buzz. Additionally they thought the Nobel Prize clue may relate to Buzz.

Nonetheless, in episode 3, Jane revealed that Hugo had been in her again pocket since day 1. When Gabriel talked about that somebody could be associated to a president, the contestants seen the donkey on the Clue Wall, which represents the Democratic Get together. Jane seen the peanuts, which she thought might signify former president Jimmy Carter, who was a peanut farmer. She thought his two truths had been that his movie star relative was his grandfather, who gained a Nobel Prize. Nonetheless, Jane additionally had doubts as a result of she thought Hugo was just a little younger to be the grandson of somebody who was 98 years outdated.

When Chris gained the Declare to Fame episode 4 statue problem as staff captain, he pulled Hugo’s clue within the Wine Room. The clue had a finger indicating the phrase “come,” the “&” image, a deer, the image for “in,” and a police chief. It then had the image for “who,” a farmer, and two loopy face emojis. This could possibly be deciphered to imply “Commander-in-Chief who farmed nuts,” which is certainly Jimmy Carter. Nonetheless, Chris wasn’t certain what the clue meant, and did not share it with anybody.

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7 Jane

Claim to Fame - Jane promotional photo

For her Two Truths and a Lie, Declare to Fame season 2 contestant Jane revealed that her movie star relative is her father, a musician who gained a Grammy Award. In the course of the expertise present, she performed ukulele. Jane sang a tune about Franklin being her favourite Jonas brother. In Declare to Fame episode 2, Jane got here in final within the second spherical of the competitors. It was revealed that her movie star relative was born in 1946. In her confessional, Jane shared that she’s a mother, a performer, and has a psychology diploma.

In Declare to Fame episode 3, when Jane heard concerning the “Pet Love” clue, she instantly assumed that the clue, which Monay had pulled, was about her. It is because her movie star relative’s first single on the charts was referred to as “Pet Love.” Nonetheless, when Chris heard that “pet” was a part of the clue, he was sure that Monay had chosen his clue as a result of it additionally described his movie star relative.

After Jane’s staff misplaced the episode 3 problem, her headshot clues had been revealed to be a parakeet, an orchid, and a blue-collar. Karsyn thought the clues revealed that Jane was associated to legendary nation singer Dolly Parton. She mentioned the orchid meant Tootsie’s Orchid Lounge in Nashville, the place Dolly may’ve performed. She discovered that the collar was blue collar, which meant 9 to 5, which is a scorching tune of Dolly’s. Chris later informed Gabriel that Dolly had pet parrots. When Jane incorrectly guessed that Chris was Elvis Presley’s relative, she was revealed to be Dolly’s niece, Jada Star.

6 J.R.

Claim to Fame - J.R. promotional photo

J.R. mentioned that his movie star relative is his brother. Later within the episode, he admitted in his confessional that he lied about his brother being within the NBA, as individuals all the time inform him that he resembles basketball participant, Dwayne Wade. Gabriel believed him due to his shoe measurement, whereas Cole famous that J.R. has a beard like that of NBA participant James Harden. Nonetheless, throughout the expertise present, when J.R. tried to showcase some basketball abilities, he did not make any of the photographs he took. He fell and tore ligaments in his foot. J.R. was within the backside two however wasn’t chosen because the guesser.

In Declare to Fame season 2, episode 2, J.R. got here in second-to-last place in spherical one of many competitors. Due to this fact, his movie star relative’s birthplace was revealed. J.R.’s relative was born in Lithia Springs, Georgia. Karsyn whispered to Chris that it must be a basketball participant, however he wasn’t certain. Hugo thought he could be associated to Dwayne. In episode 3, when J.R.’s staff misplaced the problem, his headshot clues had been revealed to be a white chef’s hat and a blue pacifier. He was additionally sporting a jersey within the {photograph}.

In episode 5, the contestants started to comprehend that there have been no basketball clues on the Clue Wall. J.R. had mentioned within the Two Truths and a Lie section that his brother was a singer with an NBA championship ring. His fellow opponents started to consider that he was associated to a singer. Olivia instructed that possibly he is associated to rapper DaBaby due to the pacifier clue and the newborn doll on the Clue Wall. Hugo additionally identified that J.R. usually says that his relative turned well-known lately.

5 Karsyn

Declare to Fame’s Karsyn mentioned that her movie star relative is greatest identified for being a musician. Within the expertise present, she sang “Superb Grace.” Nonetheless, her singing wasn’t the very best. Throughout episode 3, Shayne pulled Karsyn’s Wine Room puzzle clue. The clue had a trophy, an eraser with the minus signal and the letter “E,” the image for “who,” two data, the quantity 4, and a mug of beer. In episode 4, J.R. deciphered the clues, and informed Shayne that they imply that Karsyn is expounded to a NASCAR driver.

There are an enormous steering wheel and a beer bottle on the Clue Wall as effectively. Within the episode 4 sculpture problem, there was a tire. In her confessional, Olivia talked about Dale Earnhardt, Jr. when she discovered it. Nonetheless, J.R. individually thought that the 2 data and quantity 4 may stand for Jeff Gordon as a result of he mentioned his quantity is 24, and he drove for Budweiser. Shayne needed Gabriel to verify the clue, and he thought that it appeared proper as a result of he is from the identical metropolis as Jeff. J.R. later mentioned that he was optimistic that Jeff was appropriate.

Cole added that the mustang on the Clue Wall represented horsepower for the automobile. When he spoke to Karsyn throughout episode 4, he informed her that Shayne and Monay thought she was associated to Jeff. She did not actually react, however thanked him for telling her as a result of nobody else would. Nonetheless, later within the episode, Karsyn informed Chris that the Jeff Gordon guess was improper. Within the episode 5 phone recreation, the limerick’s line “they usually raced down the highway the place it is sunny,” referred to Karsyn.

4 Monay

Claim to Fame - Monay promotional photo

Within the Two Truths and a Lie section, Monay mentioned that her movie star relative is her father, who’s an athlete who gained an Emmy. She then acknowledged that mendacity is her technique, including that she’s fibbing about the whole lot anybody might consider. When Hugo was up for being the guesser, Carly shared with him and Travis that she thought Monay seemed like Steve Harvey, and that he could possibly be her dad. Carly mentioned he is been on tv eternally, and doubtless gained an Emmy. She additionally pointed to the “Household is the whole lot” signal on the Clue Wall, which she thought may signify Household Feud, which Steve hosts.

After Monay’s staff misplaced the Declare to Fame episode 3 problem, her headshot particulars had been revealed. They included a fedora, a choker product of a sequence with a scorching pink lock, and a cloud with a lightning bolt popping out of it. Karsyn was satisfied that the household signal, and the video games on the Clue Wall (together with the fedora) revealed that Monay is Steve Harvey’s relative. Nonetheless, Jane wasn’t satisfied.

When Gabriel earned the possibility to drag a Wine Room clue in episode 5, he pulled Monay’s at her request. This may hold her clue inside their alliance. The clue contained symbols together with a calendar with Saturday circled in pink, a crescent moon with Zs representing sleep, a satellite tv for pc, an ampersand, a automobile leaping a curb, a finger pointing at you, an individual along with his arms raised, and a comedy masks. Gabriel instantly deciphered this to imply “Saturday Night time Stay and Curb Your Enthusiasm,” however he did not know who appeared on each exhibits. Nonetheless, comic J.B. Smoove has starred on each exhibits. He’s most probably Monay’s father.

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3 Olivia

Claim to Fame - Olivia promotional photo

Not a lot was revealed about Olivia in Declare to Fame episode 1. She revealed that her movie star relative is male, and his best award is a Razzie, which is a “Worst Of” Award. For the expertise present, she danced on a pole. Throughout episode 3, Olivia’s headshot clues had been revealed to be a headscarf with yellow aliens, a pink cross, and glittery gold glasses that mentioned “Blissful New 12 months.”

2 Shayne

Claim to Fame's Shayne in a promo photo

Declare to Fame season 2 contestant Shayne mentioned her movie star relative’s her father. She acknowledged that he was a musician who had gained a Grammy. Nonetheless, one among these is a lie. In the course of the expertise present, she did a card trick, guessing Kevin’s card. After Travis gained the expertise present, together with the privilege of selecting a Wine Room clue, he picked Shayne’s. The puzzle clue could possibly be deciphered as King, Coming to America, and Buckwheat. These clues level to actor and comic Eddie Murphy.

In Declare to Fame episode 2, Travis shared the clue with Jane, who was capable of interpret the symbols that he’d discovered. She instantly knew Shayne was associated to Eddie Murphy. Travis additionally seen that the Clue Wall displayed a calendar with Saturday circled on it and a crown. He additionally discovered that the donkey on the wall referred to Eddie’s position in Shrek. When Shayne got here in second-to-last throughout spherical 2 of episode 2’s competitors, Franklin revealed that her movie star relative was born in 1961.

In Declare to Fame episode 2, Shayne informed the opposite contestants that when she was no older than 5, she and her older brother and youthful sister had been obsessive about Michael Jackson, and her movie star relative was pals with him. That they had the chance to go to his home, play on his rides, and see his animals. She mentioned that she solely met him that one time, including that it was a cool expertise. Chris thought that possibly she was mendacity about assembly him as soon as, believing that she could be associated to Janet Jackson or Lenny Kravitz.

Though Cole and Shayne had gotten very shut within the recreation, when he turned the guesser, he guessed her accurately as Eddie’s movie star relative. Shayne revealed that she was, in reality, Eddie’s daughter, Shayne Murphy. The group was floored that Cole had betrayed Shayne. She was additionally shocked.

1 Travis

Claim to Fame - Travis promotional photo

Travis claimed that his movie star relative’s his father, an actor who gained a Critics’ Selection Award. In the course of the Declare to Fame expertise present, he dressed as a chef, and recited the primary 100 digits of pi. On the finish of his presentation, he mentioned, “And that, my pals, is a correct pizza pie.” He then unveiled a pizza with the quantity pi written in pepperoni. Travis confessed that his expertise would put him within the “nerd class,” and was an enormous threat due to who his father is. Nonetheless, he needed to face out with a purpose to win immunity, and undoubtedly achieved that aim.

Hugo guessed that Travis was a scientist, engineer, or mathematician as a result of he had, “that type of vibe.” Jane mentioned in her confessional that she was 100% sure of his id as a result of he spoke in the identical cadence as his movie star relative, and recited pi. Shayne and Monay later informed Olivia and Gabriel they thought Travis was astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson’s son. Shayne mentioned there have been numerous house clues on the Clue Wall, together with an astronaut, moon, and a space-themed bow-tie. She added that Travis appears like Neil. On the finish of episode 2, Gabriel accurately guessed that Travis was Neil’s son, and he was eradicated.

Declare to Fame is off to an thrilling begin. Because the episodes proceed, the clues will hold coming. It will be fascinating and enjoyable to see who these contestants are associated to. The items are certain to return collectively as Declare to Fame season 2 continues.

Declare to Fame airs Mondays at 10 p.m. EDT on ABC.

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