Cary Grant’s Star Trek Connection to Strange New Worlds Crossover Revealed

Cary Grant’s Star Trek Connection to Strange New Worlds Crossover Revealed

Warning: This Article Comprises SPOILERS for Star Trek: Unusual New Worlds Season 2, Episode 7, “That Previous Scientist”


  • The quote spoken by Commander Pelia in Star Trek: Unusual New Worlds is attributed to Hollywood legend Cary Grant.
  • The quote is from Cary Grant’s biography, “Cary Grant: A Biography” by Marc Eliot, revealed in 1960.
  • Carol Kane, the actress who performs Commander Pelia, is aware of Cary Grant personally, including one other layer of significance to the quote.

Star Trek: A Unusual New World cross with Star Trek: Decrease Decks has a scene the place Commander Pelia (Carol Kane) quotes “this particular person i keep in mind” to Ensign Brad Boimler (Jack Quaid), who has been linked to Hollywood legend Cary Grant. Pelia provides Boimler solace within the Engineering part of the USS Enterprise in a scene on the finish of “That Previous Scientist”, telling the time-lost Ensign: “Most heroes I’ve seen are simply faking half the time. There’s one man I keep in mind, he mentioned to me, ‘I am all the time pretending to be somebody I wish to be, till ultimately, I grow to be that somebody, or he turns into me.’”

On Twitter, Jörg Hillebrand (@gaghyogi49), a researcher for Star Trek: Picard season 3, fixing the thriller of Pelia’s quote on Unusual New World season 2, episode 7, quotes from Cary Grant. Try his Tweet under:

Pelia’s quote comes from “Cary Grant: A Biography” by Marc Eliot, initially revealed in 1960. Considered one of Hollywood’s most charismatic and beloved main males, British-American Cary Grant was born Archibald Leach, and he speaks candidly in regards to the dualities of his life and the silver display screen persona. Curiously, Carol Kane is aware of Cary Grant, who provides one other layer to her quotes for Brad Boimler Unusual New World‘ crossing.

Commander Pelia’s Lengthy Lantani Life In Star Trek: The Unusual New World Defined

Commander Pelia has been a beautiful addition Star Trek: A Unusual New World season 2. It was a tricky process to step in as the brand new Chief Engineer of the USS Enterprise and change the late Lieutenant Hemmer (Bruce Horak), who grew to become a breakout character in Unusual New World season 1. Nevertheless, Pelia has supplied a welcome mixture of humor and poignancy, and her extremely lengthy life as a Lanthanite provides an additional layer of thriller to this unlikely new crew member of the Enterprise. As a Lanthanite, Pelia has lived and lived on Earth for hundreds of years, and he or she claims to know the Greek thinker Pythagoras when she “discovered” arithmetic.

Considered one of Commander Pelia’s funniest traits is that he would not all the time get together with the remainder of the USS Enterprise crew. Pelia’s need to maintain artwork aboard the Firm ship she doubtless stole for hundreds of years causes safety complications for Lt. La’an Noonien-Singh (Christina Chong), whereas Quantity One (Rebecca Romijn) dislikes Pelia for giving her unhealthy grades at Starfleet Academy. However when Firm Captain Christopher Pike’s (Anson Mount) crew comes collectively as a household, Pelia supplies an outsider’s perspective that is as annoying as it’s entertaining. However Commander Pelia was additionally a wellspring of knowledge Star Trek: A Unusual New World who knew many fascinating historic figures, together with, apparently, Cary Grant.

Star Trek: A Unusual New World season 2 streams Thursday on Paramount+.

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