Carnage Can Still Be Redeemed, & Marvel’s Darkest Future Proved It

Carnage Can Still Be Redeemed, & Marvel’s Darkest Future Proved It


  • Cletus Kasady, aka Carnage, is one in all Marvel’s most sadistic villains, however a darkish timeline reveals that he may be redeemed.
  • On this potential future, a resistance combating towards a villain named Codex consists of Cletus, who’s cured and thought of a hero.
  • With the assistance of an skilled on symbiotes and a few mentoring, Carnage is ready to management himself and his darkish urges, exhibiting that there’s hope for him.

Marvel has tons of iconic and memorable villains, however few are as sadistic as Cletus Kasady aka Carnage, a completely deranged serial killer who does not care who he kills. All he desires is mass dying, and to attain this he is tried to finish the world a number of instances. With a villain this wickedly evil, it would not be absurd to imagine there was no redemption for him, however one in all Marvel’s darkest potential futures confirmed that Cletus Kasady might be saved.

The darkish timeline the place Cletus finds his unlikely redemption is first seen in Venom #28 by Donny Cates, Juan Gedeon, Jesus Aburtov, and Clayton Cowles. This story finds Eddie Brock and Dylan Brock ending up stranded in a potential future the place a mysterious villain named Codex has taken over the world, infecting everybody with symbiotes.

There is a resistance combating towards Codex’s rule, and it is made up of a bunch of unlikely members. The group consists of Peter Parker, Wade Wilson, Andi Benton, and most concerningly, Cletus Kasady. Whereas Eddie is apprehensive of Cletus being on the group, the group chief assures Eddie that Cletus is cured and one in all her greatest brokers.

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Carnage Is Utterly Cured In This Darkish Future

Carnage Is Reformed

There are few villains in Marvel that match the pure horror of Carnage. He is managed to return again from the grave a number of instances and has a physique depend that formally numbers someplace between the tens of 1000’s and the a whole bunch of 1000’s. Due to this, most individuals within the Marvel Universe have utterly given up on Cletus, viewing him as little greater than a rabid animal that is solely out to harm folks. However Marvel’s darkest timeline proved this does not should be the case. When the world is taken over by symbiotes, Cletus is ready to stand up as a hero, and it takes surprisingly little to do it.

All it takes for Carnage to grow to be an unlikely hero is an skilled on symbiotes and a while with just a few scientists. The very fact Annie does not convey up any medical doctors implies that Cletus’ challenge is not completely psychological, however extra as a result of his relationship with the symbiote he makes use of. Whereas Cletus was a serial killer earlier than he obtained the symbiote, there is no denying he grew to become a lot worse after he obtained it. One of many characters Annie factors out as having helped is Rex Strickland, who’s a symbiote himself. It is seemingly with Rex coaching and mentoring Cletus, he would lastly have the ability to get right into a extra wholesome mindset and management himself and his darker urges.

Venom and Carnage Workforce Up As Heroes

Venom And Carnage Team Up

The symbiotes are proven to be able to therapeutic and erasing recollections. As a substitute of Carnage’s symbiote feeding his worst impulses, with Rex’s assist, it would very nicely have healed Cletus’ thoughts. This reveals that it doesn’t matter what terrible issues Cletus has performed, he isn’t completely with out hope. That is particularly vital, because it appears killing Cletus does not work. Cletus has been killed a number of instances and all the time comes again, even worse than earlier than. It took Marvel’s darkest timeline to show that it is not violence that’ll repair Carnage, it is compassion.

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