Breeding Lovebirds in a Colony Setting

Breeding Lovebirds in a Colony Setting

Breeding Lovebirds is a enjoyable expertise in addition to a passion for many chook keepers. If you’re planning on breeding lovebirds then you will have two selections, you may both breed them in small cages with particular person pairs or you may put all of your lovebirds in a single massive cage or aviary and breed them collectively with a number of pairs and you may name this a colony setting for breeding lovebirds.

I’ve been protecting lovebirds since my childhood after I was a college going child. I first time purchased lovebirds after I was in eighth grade and that was a pair of Fischer’s lovebirds. I’ve the expertise of protecting lovebirds each as single pairs in particular person cages in addition to in small colonies of 4 pairs. By far I can say that breeding outcomes I achieved in colonies had been much better than particular person cages.

Breeding ends in particular person cages in addition to in aviaries principally depends upon the kind of species you breed. The commonest kinds of lovebirds such because the Fischer’s lovebirds, Peach confronted lovebirds and the Masked lovebirds breed higher when they’re stored and bred in colony settings. This refers again to their pure intuition of breeding within the wild and this habits is replicated in captivity.

Different species of lovebirds such because the Madagascar lovebirds, which I haven’t got the expertise of breeding anyway, is a greater breeder when stored in single pairs. So that you should be very positive which lovebird species you need to hold and choose the kind of cage accordingly. Additionally what number of pairs you need to hold can also be a figuring out consider choosing the kind of cage you should buy or construct your self.

I’ve the expertise of breeding lovebirds in numerous aviary sizes. The primary colony I constructed for my Fischer’s lovebirds was a 4 ft sq. colony and I stored 4 breeding pairs in that cage. The breeding outcomes had been wonderful with 4 pairs and every pair was elevating 4-5 chicks in every clutch. However that aviary measurement had its disadvantages as a result of it was tough for me to examine my birds as a result of cage top was too brief.

Now I’m utilizing aviary sizes of 4’x6’x7′ in height with ten or extra pairs in a single massive flight. Massive cage sizes with extra birds provides them the sense of safety and a stress free setting and the higher breeding outcomes you get. What I notice now’s that the depth and top of the aviary is extra vital than the entrance of the colony. The extra deep the cage the extra they get targeted on breeding.

The setting and place of the colony is essential for his or her long run well being and breeding. Be certain the aviary is located in a nicely ventilated place the place there’s quite a lot of air passing out and in of the colony. Don’t place your lovebirds colony in a spot the place there’s extra warmth and direct daylight on the aviary particularly in South Asian international locations the place the summer time will get too scorching.

The colony ought to be coated nicely with a roof in order that the rain water don’t enter their breeding containers or pots as a result of you might danger the chicks getting moist within the rain water. The roof ought to be in a slope in order that the rain water might not accumulate on the highest of the roof and consequently enters contained in the cage. I’ve made water holes on the base of the colonies for water drainage in case if any rain water enters contained in the breeding colonies from the perimeters.

Wire mesh with spacing not more than 1/2 inch is right for lovebirds. The wire ought to be sturdy sufficient in order that lovebirds might not reduce it out and fly away as a result of they’ve very sturdy beaks and so they can reduce wires that aren’t sturdy sufficient. Wire mesh is most well-liked over bars as a result of with it they will climb simply. Cages with darker colours provides the higher view of the birds inside.

Just be sure you construct an aviary that’s simply washable. I’ve made double doorways on all my colonies, the smaller one for putting meals and water dishes and the larger one is for cleansing the cage and inspection. The colonies with extra birds in them must be cleaned regularly a minimum of as soon as each week in order that there might not develop any bacterial and viral an infection in your birds.

I cowl all my colonies with a inexperienced material in order that any direct daylight might not enter contained in the colonies within the scorching summer time season. It additionally helps to decrease down the temperature within the surrounding areas of the colonies and defend my birds from additional warmth within the day time. It offers an elevated sense of safety and safety for my birds from predators reminiscent of eagles and cats. It additionally protects the colonies from winds and heavy rains.

The sticks you place contained in the cages ought to be of various dimensions and shapes to maintain their ft in fine condition. Sticks ought to be significantly thick in order that they will have a agency grip on them whereas sitting. For those who can, place pure tree branches within the aviary as a result of they’re of various diameters and are good for his or her ft. Additionally they supply a pure residing setting in your lovebirds. Place the meals and water dishes away from perches in order that they could not get contaminated with droppings of birds.

The cage ought to be constructed from iron, metal or related materials and shouldn’t be constructed from delicate wooden. Lovebirds have very sharp beaks and so they have a behavior to gnaw something and every part that’s contained in the cage. They’ll simply chew cages comprised of wooden and related materials and also you danger your birds chew the cage and fly away in a really brief time.

I made all my colonies with angle iron and with separate frames for all sides. I mounted them along with welding spots which offers them additional power and they don’t transfer. All my cages are three sides of wire mesh and one aspect is mounted with the wall. I can simply detach the frames and transfer the cages to another location anytime I need. Additionally transporting the cage is simple as a result of every body is separate.

If you wish to breed lovebirds in a colony setting first determine the variety of birds and the species of lovebirds you need to hold. Then choose the scale of the cage in response to your particular necessities. And at last determine on the situation of the colony in order that your lovebirds can stay fortunately and breed to their most potential.


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