Black Widow’s Gruesome Comics Death Makes Her MCU Death Look Tame

Black Widow’s Gruesome Comics Death Makes Her MCU Death Look Tame


  • Within the story “Undefeated” from Marvel Zombies: Black, White & Blood #1, Black Widow suffers a grotesque demise by the hands of an undead Daredevil, surpassing her cinematic demise in brutality and lack of the Aristocracy.
  • “Undefeated” facilities on a zombified Daredevil, pressured to combat towards different undead heroes, together with Black Widow, in an underground combat membership.
  • The demise of Black Widow is particularly heartbreaking, as a result of she and Daredevil have been as soon as a pair, making their confrontation much more brutal and private.

Warning: Spoilers for Marvel Zombies: Black, White, & Blood #1!

Extra horrifying than her demise within the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Black Widow sufferd a really grotesque destiny by the hands of one other hero in Marvel Zombies: Black, White & Blood. Among the many casualties of Avengers: Endgame was Black Widow, who dropped to her demise on planet Vormir, in order that Hawkeye might retrieve the Soul Stone. Her sacrifice was brutal – but it surely was tame in comparison with her demise by the hands of an undead Daredevil.

Marvel Zombies: Black, White & Blood #1 featured a really horrifying destiny for Black Widow, as she briefly appeared within the story “Undefeated” – by Garth Ennis, Rachael Stott, and VC’s Clayton Cowles – the place she is pressured right into a combat with the zombified Man With out Concern, Daredevil. Sadly, Natasha comes out on the dropping finish within the worst manner.

Black Widow doesn’t survive the encounter – with the demise completely rating because the worst in her historical past, far surpassing the struggling of her Marvel Cinematic Universe counterpart, and missing any of that demise’s the Aristocracy and function, merely standing as a tragic cameo.

Zombie Daredevil Kills Black Widow

Zombie Daredevil tears off zombie Black Widow's face, from Black, White, & Red #1

The story of Marvel Zombies: Black, White & Blood #1 focuses on a zombified Daredevil in a world that’s not solely overrun by zombies, however many of those identical senseless creatures have been pressured into an underground combat membership by the surviving people. Daredevil is considered one of these creatures enslaved to interact in fight for sport and leisure. His opponent on this problem is somebody who’s confirmed to be a fight specialist in each life and demise, Black Widow. Regardless of the talents she garnered in life, it proves of no use as a zombie when Daredevil items her a everlasting demise after tearing her face off.

As is the case with nearly all of heroes inside the Marvel Universe, particularly when contemplating its huge multiverse, Black Widow is not any stranger to dying. She’s died by the hands of fellow Avenger Captain America, and even by the hands of her frequent ally Hawkeye, however she has a really totally different relationship with Daredevil, traditionally. Whereas she has shared the web page with Cap and Clint merely as platonic companions, Daredevil and Black Widow have been at one time considered one of Marvel’s finest {couples}. That’s one cause why this demise is so heartbreaking, along with the sheer disagreeable bruality of its violence.

The Worst Demise Any Model Of Black Widow Ever Suffered

Zombie Daredevil scaring kids from Black, White, & Red #`1

After all, it’s naturally grotesque given the character of this demise, however grotesque would not go away as sturdy of an impression with out some form of connection. Realizing that Black Widow and Daredevil as soon as beloved one another dearly in life is what makes their confrontation in Black, White & Blood #1 much more brutal than it already seems on the floor. Daredevil did not simply rip off the face of a fellow hero, however a face belonging to the most effective lover (and liar) he is ever identified. Black Widow has suffered many unlucky deaths prior to now, however this one, specifically, is arguably her most private and cold-blooded up to now.

Marvel Zombies: Black, White & Blood #1 is offered now from Marvel.


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