10 Incredibly Dark Moments Hidden In ’90s Kids Movies

10 Incredibly Dark Moments Hidden In ’90s Kids Movies


  • Some ’90s youngsters motion pictures have extremely darkish moments hidden inside them, which advanced storytelling for youngsters throughout the last decade.
  • Surprisingly, even movies like The Muppet Christmas Carol and Magnificence and the Beast have darkish moments that contribute to the general message.
  • Some notable darkish moments embrace Bruno remodeling right into a mouse in The Witches, Scar’s tune in The Lion King, and Buzz realizing he is a toy in Toy Story.

Extremely darkish moments hidden in ’90s youngsters motion pictures underscore how a lot tales for youngsters advanced in the course of the decade. On one hand, it may be shocking how a lot darkness is cleverly tucked inside a few of the most foundational and well-liked youngsters motion pictures from the Nineties. On the opposite, it may be argued that many of those moments are essential to delivering the optimistic messages and classes that these movies aimed to impart to kids.

From the twentieth century’s finest animated motion pictures and live-action kids’s movies to less-known options that grownup millennials might bear in mind watching as youngsters, there is definitely no scarcity of extremely darkish moments hidden in ’90s youngsters motion pictures. Some examples are shocking, equivalent to The Muppet Christmas Carol or Magnificence and the Beast, which most bear in mind to be fully healthful. In sure motion pictures like Toy Story and Matilda, nonetheless, darkish moments are half and parcel of what makes the tales nice. Whether or not for viewers taking a nostalgic journey again to the last decade or dad and mom weighing which classics their kids can watch, listed below are 10 extremely darkish moments hidden in ’90s youngsters motion pictures.

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The Chokey In Matilda

Harry (Danny DeVito) sells Ms. Trunchbull (Pam Ferris) a automobile in alternate for enrolling Harry’s daughter Matilda (Mara Wilson) into Trunchbull’s college. When Trunchbull finds out the automobile is flawed, the despotic principal takes it out on Matilda by placing her contained in the chokey. Whoever’s contained in the chokey should stand fully nonetheless in an effort to keep away from the quite a few metallic spikes pointed on the heart. Trunchbull basically places erring kids in solitary confinement inside a makeshift iron maiden. Even in a fantasy film peppered with such scenes to steadiness its general comedic tone, the chokey nonetheless stands out as an extremely darkish second hidden in a ’90s youngsters film.

Bruno Transforms In The Witches

Anjelica Huston in The Witches
Angelica Huston in The Witches (1990)

In 1992’s The Witches, on the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Youngsters, Eva (Anjelica Huston) reveals that she has a brand new potion that turns youngsters into mice. After ingesting the potion earlier, little boy Bruno (Charlie Potter) grotesquely twists into completely different shapes till he absolutely transforms right into a tiny mouse and the room erupts into laughter. The scene is fantastical and well-executed, and it is a few of the most graphic baby torture depicted in movie. The truth that Eva intends to place this potion in sweets to promote to kids additional underscores how Bruno’s transformation is among the darkest moments hidden in ’90s youngsters motion pictures.

Scar’s Tune In The Lion King

Scar and the Hyenas sing Be Prepared from The Lion King.

Many bear in mind the demise of Mufasa (James Earl Jones) on the paws of Scar (Jeremy Irons) to be the darkest second in The Lion King. Nevertheless, most viewers will not be conscious that the hyenas marching in unison throughout Scar’s tune “Be Ready” is definitely primarily based on a 1935 Nazi propaganda film, Triumph of the Will. The idea started with a sketch from The Lion King staffer Jorgen Klubien depicting Scar as Adolf Hitler (by way of Enterprise Insider). From Klubien’s sketch, administrators Roger Allers and Rob Minkoff developed the scenes for “Be Ready” primarily based on the notorious Nazi movie, making it a darkish second hidden in a ’90s youngsters motion pictures.

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The Boo Field In Hook

Pirates drop a scorpion into the boo box in Hook.

As Captain Hook (Dustin Hoffman) and his males have fun his plan to kill Peter Pan (Robin Williams), Hook accuses one pirate of betting in opposition to him bringing Peter again. Disguised as a pirate, Peter initially thinks that Hook recognized him from the gang, however Hook factors to the pirate proper subsequent to Peter as an alternative. Reluctantly, the pirate confesses to his crime, and Hook sentences him to the boo field. This delights Hook’s males, who instantly carry the pirate, lock him inside a chest, after which drop scorpions into the chest one after the other by means of a small compartment. Aside from depicting informal torture, this scene additionally options Glenn Shut’s cameo in Hook.

The Ghost Of Christmas But To Come In The Muppet Christmas Carol

The Ghost of Christmas Yet To Come points off camera in The Muppet Christmas Carol.

Whereas the film imparts darkly real looking classes about life, The Muppet Christmas Carol is usually a healthful film. Although uncommon, the Ghost of Christmas Previous and the Ghost of Christmas Current who go to Ebenezer Scrooge (Michael Caine) feel and appear per Jim Henson’s whimsical model. This serves to arrange the film’s darkest shock, the Ghost of Christmas But To Come, who’s extra akin to a horror film grim reaper than a basic muppet. For its general design, creepy voice, and the way it strikes, the primary look of the Ghost of Christmas But To Come is one extremely darkish second hidden in a ’90s youngsters film.

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Buzz Lightyear Realizing He is A Toy In Toy Story

Buzz lightyear stands in front of the alien toys in Toy Story.

Most audiences bear in mind the reveal of Sid’s (Erik von Detten) mutant-like cabal of misshapen toys to be the darkest second within the iconic youngsters’ film. But, Toy Story‘s true darkest second comes after Woody (Tom Hanks) and Buzz Lightyear (Tim Allen) escape Sid’s room, when Buzz sees a tv advert and realizes that he’s merely a plastic toy. This leads Buzz to nearly accepting his destiny when Sid straps him to a rocket to die. Few extremely darkish moments hidden in ’90s youngsters motion pictures are as jarring as Buzz’s existential disaster, particularly contemplating the implication that every one toys within the film’s universe went by means of the identical philosophical dead-end.

Gaston’s Mob Justice In Magnificence And The Beast

Gaston grabs Belle in Beauty and the Beast

With the intention to pressure Belle (Paige O’Hara) into marrying him, the charismatic however spiteful hunter Gaston (Richard White) convinces the townsfolk to seek out the Beast (Robby Benson) for the protection of the complete city. Regardless of Belle attempting to motive with the individuals, Gaston kinds an indignant mob prepared to assist him mount the Beast’s head on his wall of trophies. An extremely darkish second hidden in a ’90s youngsters film that largely went beneath the radar, Gaston’s actions are a sensible warning about mob justice. Whereas the film ends fortunately, at one level, Gaston nearly succeeded in convincing the city to commit homicide, so he can have Belle.

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Massacred Village & Slaughtered Military In Mulan

Captain Li Shang and the soldiers discover a destroyed village in Mulan.

In Mulan, Captain Li Shang (BD Wong), Mulan (Ming Na-Wen), and the opposite troopers comply with the imperial military into the mountains, the place they uncover a village leveled to the bottom by the Huns. After the troopers discover a kid’s doll among the many ruins, they give the impression of being over a cliff’s edge to witness a really jarring scene: the complete military of Common Li (James Shigeta) massacred. The scene is only a temporary look into the brutal aftermath of a bloody battlefield, however the sheer quantity of demise on this Mulan scene secures its place alongside different extremely darkish moments hidden in ’90s youngsters motion pictures. Nonetheless, it helped set up historic accuracy in Mulan.

Common Mandible’s Coup In Antz

General Mandible in Antz

Because the ant military marches to struggle the termites threatening their colony, what Z (Marion) and the opposite troopers do not know is that Common Mandible (Gene Hackman) is knowingly sending them to their deaths. By letting the termites do the soiled work, Mandible massacres the troopers most loyal to the Queen (Anne Bancroft). In the case of extremely darkish moments hidden in ’90s youngsters motion pictures, Antz is usually remembered for the severed head of Sergeant Barbatus (Danny Glover) saying his final phrases to Z. Nevertheless, that second was solely potential as a result of Mandible willingly massacred his personal individuals for his political ambitions – the darkest second within the animated ’90s film.

Cement Footwear In Aladdin

Jafar's men throws Aladdin into the sea with a ball and chain attached to his feet.

On the behest of Grand Vizier Jafar (Jonathan Freeman), the palace guards seize Aladdin (Scott Weinger) after Aladdin brings Princess Jasmine (Linda Larkin) dwelling. After Jafar tells the guards to “make certain he is by no means discovered,” they bind Aladdin’s ft to a heavy metallic ball and chain and throw him into the ocean. One of the crucial extremely darkish moments hidden in ’90s youngsters motion pictures, Aladdin’s tried execution-at-sea is extremely harking back to cement footwear. Whereas this brutal drowning technique was popularized by mafia motion pictures, there have been experiences of real-life executions carried out equally, possible impressed by gangster movies – or this morbid scene in Aladdin.

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